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Author Topic: Passionate~Michelle, Birmingham  (Read 1264 times)

4 review(s) for Passionate~Michelle (3 positive, 0 neutral, 1 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

Another review if only to keep a record for myself via the AW system:
https://www.adultwork.com/2534354 or https://www.adultwork.comPassionate%7EMichelle

I am not going into great detail other than to give my perspective on her as she has been reviewed quite recently by other punters.

Anyway texted yesterday and arranged a hours booking for today (26/11/2014). Communication was excellent via text and a booking was created via AW. Got the postcode which pointed to Edmund Street, which is the back of the NIA. Buzzed into the building and the apartment was very nice with the bedroom being delightfully laid out.

Michelle is tall girl, easily 5’ 8” even without high heels on and her English is very good so communication should definitely not be a problem. First impressions were okay, she was dressed in a dress as requested but she was not as good looking as I expected and she wore braces on her teeth. Declined the offer of a shower as I had just had one and handed over the cash. When she returned from stashing the money we sat on the bed and after setting the music going, she asked what I wanted to do. This confused me as I don’t have a set plan but just go with the flow, so we decided to start with some kissing. This was okay but it was a bit of tongue kissing as she didn’t really want to open her mouth too much so I quickly switched to kissing her body as by this time she had removed her dress. Then I noticed that she had tattoos on her front (these are not shown on her photos) and personally pretty tacky ones at that which was not a great inducement for me. After kissing her neck/shoulders I removed the rest of her clothing to find she had lovely natural full tits with excellent nipples for sucking. After working them over I gave her some oral which she seemed to enjoy and then she returned the compliment. This was not very good as I had to stop her at one point as she was too rough and it was sore, I wanted a bit more subtlety. She did get better but after a few more minutes of this she stopped and said what do I want to do next?  I suggested that we fuck, so she got a condom and looked at her phone for the time. She proceeded to give me the condom and then we got down into missionary which was not brilliant as I don’t react well with condoms unless I am extremely aroused which I certainly wasn’t. So after a bit of doing that I suggested that she got on top of me but she said that I wasn’t hard enough, which was probably right but she showed no signs of helping with that problem. She asked me if she wanted her to wank me but I declined as the little fella had given up the ghost by this time. So that was it, she put on her clothes and so did I while we just talked about Xmas and her shopping tomorrow. Then after a goodbye kiss I was out of the door after 50 minutes.

Excellent communication.
Apartment, clean and with subtle lighting.
Nice body.

Braces on teeth, very off-putting for me.
Kissing, I do prefer DFK although this was okay, it was not what I wanted.
OWO was far too rough.
Time watching again!
It was all too sectionalised (i.e. allocated time for each activity).

This was the worse punt that I have been on yet and I thought the previous one was bad enough. Perhaps it is just me becoming cynical but it was so artificial the whole thing, if you have to discuss what you have to do next then in my eyes something is wrong. I think when I asked her to be gentler with her OWO that was the beginning of the end for her. Having braces on ones teeth is not going to get my pulse racing, so that just put me off kissing her. Then her tattoos were tacky but I don’t like tattoos anyway, although again if they are subtle they are okay.
Apparently she is going back to Poland in the middle of December for at least six weeks.

4/10 – I wouldn’t go back to her even if you paid me, perhaps I caught her on a bad day as she has positive reviews on here but I can’t even give her a neutral review as the bottom line is I paid £100 for this and I got absolutely nothing out of it at all.

4 review(s) found for Passionate~Michelle linked to in above post (3 positive, 0 neutral, 1 negative)

Offline Starby

Im not really one for writing reviews but I too saw Michelle yesterday and have to disagree with most of whats been said above in the review. Of course beauty is in the eye of the beholder and to me Michelle was absolutely fabulous, good looking, sexy, sensual and great fun to be with. Unlike Achilles I have absolutely no issues with braces or tattoos - her kissing was spot on for me - DFK and sensual, time wasnt an issue and I would put her in my top 10 easily. I think sex is always an exploration and when youre with a girl then you shoudl agree to tell each other what you do and dont like - every escort isnt go to do a bj exactly how you like it so surely its easiest just to tell her?

In fact - it was one of the BEST punts I've been on.

And there we are - one mans meat is another man's poison.

We live in a world of variety and its great we dont all like the same thing. However, if i went to see someone and wasnt happy with some aspects of the environment or the girl herself then I would make my apologies and not spend my heard earned cash. So I woudl say to Achilles - why when you saw the braces and tattoos that you dont like did you not leave? And many people have tattoos these days so if its a turn off for you then surely its better to ask beofre you visit? I like certain things so always make sure I ask about them beofre I make a booking.

Whilst Im not one for a review I would ceratinly be giving Michelle a POSITIVE and a 10/10 (in fact Im going back on Friday for some more of her wonderful GFE!)
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Offline Dodo

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Offline Starby

You shouldnt be - I know some who think Kim Kardashian is gorgeous - I think shes ugly as sin - I really like the comedienne Katherine Ryan but my mate thinks shes like the back of a bus!!!

If we all liked the same things the world would be boring - the same food, the same music, the same women - my God how one dimensional our lives would be. But we DO like different things - and so whilst I think Achilles could have saved himself £100 by tellign Michelle she was "not for him" I personally think shes fit as fuck and Im off to see her tomorrow at 5!!

If in doubt - then make up your own mind and go try!!!!
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Starby is right and that is exactly why I posted the review to give another opinion and to point out other things about her that had they been mentioned in other reviews then I wouldn't have bothered with her.
Another turn off for me is false boobs but lots of people don't have a problem with them.

To be honest its not something that springs to mind to ask a girl if she has braces on her teeth and I had already handed over my money by the time I noticed the tattoos as by my request she was wearing a dress upon meeting her.

Starby have a great time tomorrow!

Offline dilettante

I'm going to spend an hour with her, maybe with another 30 mins later on, before she goes back on 13th - I was ramrod hard throughout and she's definitely a better class of girl than most prossies - whatever class of prossy she is.  No need to slate her just because she didn't happen to do it for you, I've seen girls like that and they're still on my HL, I wouldn't let on to save my life.

Offline Starby

Saw Michelle again for another hour yesterday - absolutely fantastic time with a great girl.

There are far too many useless, crap, cheating, appalling working girls out there and they would all do well to take some lessons from Michelle - she has everything "spot on"
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