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Author Topic: Duo help  (Read 709 times)

Offline bokkie

Hi all. Looking for a duo within about 40 miles of guildford, problem is, which one?
I am looking for a full on lesbian duo (licking, playing, kissing, etc) prefferably under 30 and slim.
I have seen a few but when I email asking if they do full on les they get a bit vague.
Anyone out there had any experience that they can recommend?

Thx for help

Offline eli69

best to ask them first I had a duo recently and they were not bi at all and its was a shit punt

Offline finn5555

I know of two lesbians in Essex who duo together  :lol: will see if I can find the link on AW, be warned one is a bit butch but her partner is  :P :P

Offline bokkie

Problem for me is I don't have much time to try someone out and then suggest her friend joins in. I only get to do this every few months as I am a single parent and work long hours.
Be really great if someone who has experienced a great duo can help me out

Offline impossible_princess

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well if you had of liked "fat" chick then you should come to Alton and see me and BBW_Cora when I go to her house she has been my girlfriend coming up 7 years now and believe me when I say this its a real lesbain full on show.  ;)  Why do all men like skinny chicks  :( or why do I like bread so much either way dame it.

Online James999


Any girl that is so insecure that she has to label herself beautiful is one to be avoided  :cool:

Offline bokkie

Impossible princess, I don't only like skinny girls. There are some bigger girls that I find really attractive. Give me your profile or website and I'll have a look.
Eli, are you a WG?
Have you got  profile I can have a look at? Do you do GG?

Offline eli69

haha what makes you think I AM A WG? THE PROFILE PIC?

Offline bokkie

That and the name eli. So i guess you aren't one then.

Offline eli69

no sorry The name Eli is a fairly common mans name in US I guess you was thinking of Ellie

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