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Author Topic: Ex reading girl  (Read 873 times)

Offline Bilkster

Can anybody remember a girl that used to work in reading but then moved to Manchester? I saw her a few years ago on the weekend before she moved up there, she was a amazingly good shag but can't remember her name or anything!

Offline berksboy

            Well thats not much to go on !  :unknown:

Offline Bilkster

I know sorry!!! I got the impression she was fairly well known so was hoping that maybe a regular of hers may be able to give more info!!!

I saw a gorgeous girl who went by the name of Sensual Susannah on AW a few times. She was from Lancashire, IIRC. She was around 5-6 tall, size 8, 36C, slim, attractive and provided a great service. She vanished from AW around 3/4 years ago. Could it have been her?

Offline daverfc

Didn't sensual susannah work at the same place as kateskicks? Who also worked in Reading?


Offline Bilkster

No this girl wasn't from Lancaster but moved up there and continued escorting I believe! I've seen Katie a few times when she was in summer town and islip in oxfordshire, not sure what to make of her I enjoy French kissing so she wasn't my usual type but very hot.

Offline daverfc

Where about in town did she work?

Offline a10

To the OP: Can you at least give a physical description?  :unknown:

Tall, short? Blonde, brunette? Busty, flat chested? Give us something to fire the synapses!

Offline Bilkster

She had a ground floor flat on the outskirts of town, she was probably around late twenties, very tactile loved to give a girl friend experience, well spoken size 10, I remember her bedroom was the second door on the left as you entered her flat!

Offline a10

Sorry man doesn't ring any bells I'm afraid

Offline yorkshire123

You will probably have more luck asking in the NW section if she's been working there.
A southern girl in Manchester would be few & far between possibly?
A word of warning though, please develop a better description before posting on there to avoid any possible ridicule you may get.
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