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Author Topic: Ms Kristina Rose x  (Read 1270 times)

7 review(s) for Ms Kristina Rose x (3 positive, 1 neutral, 3 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

Offline stuart_gla


Fancied a meet with an older MILF type, so searching for Ladies to book in the 40s-ish age range, came up with Kristina and booked for 1/2 an hour for £60.  Nice flat in Cessnock area, with discrete entrance to the property.  I was met at the front door by someone else (female) who ushered me into the bedroom and told me to get comfortable.  Was a bit unsure with this, so waited for Kristina to show up before getting my kit off.  Maybe one minute passed and a hot blonde MILF came in (Scottish lady) dressed in stockings and suspenders, bra set, sexy shoes etc.  AW photos accurate.  We sorted the paperwork, and I got naked and onto the bed.

Kristina started off with some light massage, not using sticky oils or anything, just her bare hands softly caressing my neck, back, and bum.  I have a soft spot for massage, so this was very nice to break the ice.  After a while, she asked me to flip over and started to give me OWO.  I must admit, the sight of an older woman's head going up and down on my cock like that really got me going, and indeed, I found it quite horny and fascinating to watch.  I think this is an interesting kink which I will explore further!  She offered to get a condom and let me fuck her, but I declined and requested further OWO as I was enjoying it so much.  Kristina has lovely legs, which I was stroking as she lay on the bed sucking me off.  No CIM or facial, but she sucked me off almost to completion before catching the spunk with her hands and rubbing my throbbing cock some more.  No rush, was allowed to enjoy the moment.  Then, a quick spruce up with some wipes, a bit of polite chat while I got dressed, and then away I went with a smile on my face.

Overall, good value for money, lovely lady, and made to feel very comfortable (once past the minder!).

7 review(s) found for Ms Kristina Rose x linked to in above post (3 positive, 1 neutral, 3 negative)

Offline the fitter

Hot blonde milf are you having a laugh, when I saw her AW rating was 3 I gave her a negative review, and it suddenly shot to 9 and has stayed there since.

Offline stuart_gla

Hot blonde milf are you having a laugh ...

Well, that's the most subjective part of the reviews here, no?  I found her hot.  I guess you did not.  My comment about accurate AW pics stands though.  Was the minder female for your visit?  Felt a bit uncomfortable for me.

Offline the fitter

Yes Stuart the minder was female, I Just think you are making her out to be something she is not. And the punters expectations will take a knock. Guys on here do not have lashings of cash, and expect better than this for £120. she runs the flat like a revolving door thats why she needs a women with her, and when I was in the flat the room was lit with a dull bulb, that tells you everything (plenty to hide). Go and read my review and you mite see the picture from a different angle. A positive has to be earned.

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