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Author Topic: CANADIAN WENDY  (Read 2666 times)

7 review(s) for CANADIAN WENDY (2 positive, 3 neutral, 2 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

Offline stuart_gla


I had seen Wendy's profile pop up one day on AW, and was very excited by the pictures -- an amazing looking woman indeed!  I exchanged an email or two to arrange an hours foot fetish session, and she seemed happy to oblige.  Flat in the city was very nice, lovely shower and soft white towels, mens shower gel etc.  My most expensive hour at £160, but hey - it turned out to be very enjoyable.

On arrival, I was ushered into the bedroom.  Once the arrangements were done, I got naked and lay on the bed.  Wendy spoke a little about what aspects of the foot fancy kink I wanted to explore (barefeet) and she seemed really professional and excellent about it.  Starting with some OWO to warm up, I was absolutely stunned to see this blonde *princess* bobbing up and down on my cock, and her boobs are incredible.  Really, this alone was worth the booking fee!  Then, with us lying on the bed, I proceeded to very much enjoy her cute and sexy feet.  She has some tattoos, and a particular one which starts on the lower leg and revolves around her ankle and onto her lower foot -- which I traced with my fingers and tongue.  She has quite small and petite toes, and I was easily able to lick in between them.  Also, Wendy had painted her toes red, the smell of her feet was amazing, and such a lovely curve on the underside!  So, to finish she spun over onto her belly and I rubbed my cock between her feet, spunking on her soles and over the back of her legs.  A quick tidy up for her, then we lay chatting and cuddling for a bit before I showered. 

Overall, a very enjoyable experience for me!

7 review(s) found for CANADIAN WENDY linked to in above post (2 positive, 3 neutral, 2 negative)

Offline giac

Hi there!
I noticed she is back in Edinburgh.  For those who are interested:
I met her last summer for 1/2 h appointment.  I was impressed by her profile.  She is Italian/Canadian, her pictures are accurate, although photoshopped. 
Unfortunately my experience was not what I expected at that price.  You obviously get the vibes that she doesn't enjoy the sexual togetherness; she does not FK, she refused to get totally naked, she kept her high heels on and she openly says at the end to hurry up because ..:" I have another customer coming!!!" :thumbsdown:

WTF??  Do you mean you do not even shower after me? Obviusly she does not as she put on the few items she took off.
Overall experience:

Location 10/10
Personality 3/10  (stupid bimbo doll and not friendly...she acts a lot)
Price: 3/10  (too high for the awful service she provides)

I will not see her again, and my verdict is:   She shows too much that she does it for money, she should learn to be more pleasant, hospitable and at pretend well that she enjoys staying with you or have the courtesy to send you away. :dash:

....NEGATIVE...  :manhater:

I would be interested to see if anyone of you see her this weekend in Edinburgh and write an opinion.
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Offline stuart_gla

My (fluffy) review was for a foot fetish session (with a bj to warm-up).  For me, it was a positive punt, but £160 is a bit steep.  She has very nice feet, and not ticklish, which is a good quality if you really like playing with feet.  I thought she was hot, but of course that's just an opinion.  The pics are reasonably accurate, if photo-shopped, and I think probably going back a few years (for example the "in dubai" one, she is clearly younger at the time).

On here, she has two positives, a neutral, and a negative, and good to have your feedback giac.

Would be interested to hear from any recent visitors.

Offline Happyjose

Par for the course for our Wendy. It seems most have reported the indifferent attitude.

And I suspect she's Italian like last years' value brand supermarket lasagne

Offline RandyF

Well glad you enjoyed it Stewart, but this foot fucking session must be one of the easiest imaginable for any hoor.  She'd service you all day long and not whine once at 160/hr  :)

Can't escape the consistently bad reviews, the same theme over and over, for anything remotely more demanding (like fucking  :rolleyes:).
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Offline WinterSoldier

This daft cow has knocked at least 15 years off her real age.
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