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Offline stuart_gla


Mistress Nina offers full-blown BDSM.  Not my cup of tea, but I have visited for foot worship sessions.  Nina works out of a west end flat and city centre dungeon, I've only been to her flat.  Clean and tidy, shower and towels available.  Chock full of scary equipment though!  Nina is in her early 20s, very attractive and well spoken English lady.  This is not a sexual service, which is made clear on her AW profile -- but Mistress permits her visitors to relieve themselves (i.e., wank off without her involvement).  Offers 45 mins for £70.

Upon arrival, shown into the bedroom, a glass of water offered and the paperwork sorted.  Then, leaving the bedroom, she instructs you to undress, neatly fold your clothes on a chair, and wait for her to come back.  Nina is usually wearing some fetish-type gear, as seen in AW profile.  When she comes back, she will instruct you to go into the front room, where all the BDSM furniture is kept.  However!  I started walking there and was quickly told to get on my knees, hands behind my back, and kind of crawl to the next room while she stood over me.  Quite exciting actually!

During our sessions in the front room, Nina sits on a throne (chair on raised platform), me kneeling naked before her.  She then instructs me to begin worshipping her feet.  And, well, for the foot fanciers out there, these sessions have been a joy.  Such beautiful feet!  Not ticklish, always smelling adorable.  Nina is happy to change footwear a few times during the session, and stocks some quite impressive shoes.  While sucking on her toes, Mistress will inform me that I should start playing with myself, while worshipping her feet.  Masturbating while sucking on this beautiful young lady's toes in this crazy dungeon is quite an experience.

Overall, don't be put off by the scary BSDM stuff (it's not mandatory!).  She is dominating, but not in a shouty manner.  Nina is actually quite nice and chatty "out of character".  If you have a fancy for ladies feet, this is a required booking.

1 review(s) found for WickedLadyNina linked to in above post (1 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline tbig_man

Does Nina allow you to lick her out?

Offline Keema

Nina give me covered oral as part of a roleplay once, but seems she doesn't offer this any more.

Masses of equipment, including an eletrowand, if you haven't tried it, put it on your bucket list. She will sit on your face but she'll be clothed (last time it was a hot day - some people might like that...). She is a lovely intelligent girl with a really kinky imagination for someone so young.

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