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Author Topic: Anyone Communicated With T.Bell?  (Read 1838 times)

Offline Corus Boy


Feedback is from Webcam, none for escorting yet!

No answer to my email.

She is so hot, I'll have a go at that!! :wacko:

Maybe a few of us could split a hotel room and book her for hourly appointments.  Will have to draw straws on who goes in which order.. even compare notes. :drinks:

Offline TerryTibbs


I have had communications from her, she sounds sensible and real.  She is not showing any ALIASES.

She looks lovely  :angelgirl:

Terry  :timeout:

I received email back on monday saying not availale this week, and last night got another email saying not available evening, even through i had wanted a daytime booking.  a bit dodgy if you ask me, think she dont escort which is a shame

Offline Welshguy78

I sent an email but not had a reply so doesn't look promising
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I finally got my wicked way with her today, booked her through her agency, and was told she can only do daytime meets this week,

I'm just going to write a good review for her

Offline expletivedeleted

Shame she don't do incalls

Apparently she does now.  Someone post a proper review and I might pay her a visit!!!
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She looks amazing but £160 for an hour is out of my price range at the moment

Offline expletivedeleted

Well, I don't know.  She has hidden her feedback all of a sudden, even though it's going up slowly.  Bad sign? 
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