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Author Topic: Stefanytt33 – My first RB is a success  (Read 6571 times)

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Offline mcardle464


Following the excellent advice on here I placed an RB on AW for an outcall to my flat.  It revealed some interesting potential women who I wouldn't have found otherwise. I basically put an ad for a petite English woman to come for a seductive GFE.  I actually chose a French woman!  I'll explain why.

I put English to cut out all the EEs.  I didn't want to put English-speaking as I expect all the dodgy respondents will claim they speak english, even though the average porcupine probably displays better English comprehension.

I set the RB for a Saturday about 2 ½ weeks away.  I actually intended to make an earlier booking with anyone I liked but this was to give people a chance to respond.

I have received 8 ½ responses so far (one person replied twice, knocking a whole pound off her fee the second time. How could I refuse such a massive discount?)  I have £150 down 1 ½ hours outcall.  I wrote it in the ad as well to show it was the maximum I was prepared to pay.  Even so one person bid £250  (beyond my budget).

The most clearly literate, punctuated, grammatically-correct English reply that engaged with my ad, came of course from a Frenchwoman, writing in her third language (after French and Italian).  She went to the top of the list, but I was worried about her low feedback and terrible photos. (Why don't WGs invest in a proper photography session with a professional glamour photographer?  The investment would probably pay back in weeks through increased bookings.  I wonder why they will pay thousands to have artificial mountains stuck on their chest, but won't pay a couple of hundred for photography?)

We exchanged emails and she sent me a couple of facepics (still not very good).  I talked to her on the phone and felt confident enough to make a booking for 5 pm yesterday.  Her English is certainly good enough for her to hold a wide-ranging conversation, at no point did I feel we were misunderstanding each other.

This is only the second outcall I have had to my flat, but I have decided I prefer them, as I am in my own comfortable environment, I can play music I like and I am not faced with the anxiety of travelling and trying to find a place. I prefer weekends as the excitement of punting doesn't interfere with my work.

Comms were very good and I requested that Stefany dress discreetly but wear sexy lingerie. I'd given her good directions to my place, I thought. She texted when she was nearby, but then things went horribly wrong.  When she didn't turn up after a few minutes I knew she had got lost but couldn't get through to her phone (she was trying to access the internet to find out where she was).  Eventually I got through.  She had been on my road, but couldn't find a street sign (there used to be one, but it has disappeared, and of course I never noticed), so she asked a passerby if she was on the right road, and through stupidity or possibly malice, directed her the wrong way.  She had gone quite a way when I got through on the phone and she walked around the streets describing things till I knew where she was.  I had to direct her back to where she had gone wrong, as although there is a quick route through the estate, I didn't want her to get lost again. 

Basically we were running about 25 minutes late by now. Of course she was flustered – I could completely sympathise, as most of us here have had experiences of wandering around dark streets trying to find somewhere.  It's not conducive to a good erotic experience so I wanted to talk to her and put her at her ease.  She had turned up with a roller-case, full of clothes, which raised my eyebrows, but explained she was catching a plane to France.  She went to use the bathroom and came back dressed in seductive lingerie, which was really exciting as we continued to talk but I could feast my eyes on her body, especially her cleavage.

She is in her 30s, 5 ft 4, kind of girl-next-door looks, with great medium-size natural tits and a figure to go with it.  She hasn't been escorting long, she had a regular job but was made redundant and she had a friend who escorts so decided to do this for the money.  She hasn't had that many clients so is not jaded. She has a degree, is educated and cultured, and very chatty.  Occasionally that interfered with the sexual experience as she prattled on, but it did feel like a GFE – didn't feel at all uneasy with her. 

I had explained we were going to play an erotic seduction game and we did.  She was cool with being blindfolded.  Then we went into the bedroom.  She doesn't do CIM or Anal.  Great kisser.

She gave me a good blowjob then I wanted to kiss her and fondle her tits as she wanked me.  Unfortunately all the excitement had built up too much and I came to an explosive orgasm very quickly.  Then we spent some time chatting, kissing and caressing, and she requested a shower as she needed to get going to the airport.

So overall, I had a very satisfying sexual experience, but felt that it wasn't 100% VFM as we should have spent more time together, but for the time constraints, which weren't her fault.  If you want to tick a sexy Frenchwoman off your bucket list then I recommend her. 

Afterwards I was ravenously hungry, but as I am trying to reduce the gut and eat a healthy diet, I'd thrown all the food delivery flyers away!  I rooted in the freezer and came up with pasty and chips, watched Guy Martin crashing into things on the telly.  He's an amusing character, but a complete nutter, imo.

3 review(s) found for Stefanytt33 linked to in above post (2 positive, 0 neutral, 1 negative)

Offline swfinest

Great review, Thanks, nice to see a viable south london put.

Offline Peterbry

Sounds great. Shame she doesn't offer anal event though it is listed on her profile as at discretion.

Offline droplet

what is amazing is that there arent many photos of the girl and you decided to go with it. Respect. Esp her hour rate is above average. Nice punt.

Offline stayer

It's good that you got her for £150 as she advertises £200 for 1.5hrs (pressumably at her Wandsworth incall).

Had a very similar experience to mcardle464 - Stefany responded to a recent RB of mine at a considerable discount to her usual rates. She is bright, talkative and a fantastic kisser but did use up some of the time that we would otherwise have put to good use.
Will do a review shortly

Offline mcardle464

@ droplet  the facephotos she emailed me were like some you get on dating sites - not that great but enough for me to tell that she was reasonable-looking, so it didn't seem too much of a gamble as she had some fb and the pix of her bod on AW.

Offline mcardle464

@punterstanding    now as a couple of days have passed, although it was a good punt, I really got quite less than an hour of sexual activity for £150, obviously getting lost was an accident, but she didn't say anything about giving me extra time on another punt to make up for it and I don't think it registered.  If she hadn't been going for a plane, I would have expected her to stay for another half hour at least.

Offline stayer

By cutting the time short by a third without any refund, I'd have given her a 'Neutral' at best.

Also, was she catching a plane? On Saturdays the last flight from London to Paris is Air France's AF1181 leaving from Heathrow at 8.10pm, but checkin has to be done by 7.40pm at the latest. Unless it's quick and easy to get to Heathrow from where you live, I don't see how she could get to the airport on time if she left you at 6.30pm.

Offline mcardle464

She said she was flying from Stanstead.  As I said, getting lost was clearly not her fault and it was that that majorly impacted on the session so I didn't feel I should penalise her for that. I saw inside her case and it was full of normal clothes and the sort of stuff you take when you're going somewhere.

Offline stayer

Oh, probably Ryanair.

But she did effectively do a back-to-back booking, delivering just two-thirds of the service but at the full price. I take a dim view of this kind of thing.

Offline mcardle464

I have come round to thinking you are right stayer, more evidence has emerged.  Thank you for pointing me in the right direction.  I will  be posting again on this topic, but I now would caution punters against her, as shortchanging  people on time seems to be her method of operation.

Offline mcardle464

UPDATE:  Stefany TT33 - very negative things emerge

I now must say to UKPers that Stefany TT33 is a pathological liar.  I am 100% certain she didn't go to France.  It was all a lie so she could skip out of the booking half an hour early.  She refuses to refund £50 for the time she did not spend with me, continues to tell lots of lies, and threatens me with the police (!) if I write a negative review of her.

Given all this, I strongly advise UKPers not to book her, as you cannot be sure she will come up with the goods, and quite frankly, she's not very good looking anyway.

Long field report, but it doesn't read like a negative to me. A qualified recommendation, or perhaps a neutral. But negative seems very harsh. The word "good" (or similar)appears quite a few times. Or does the tone of the report not reflect the experience?


Long field report, but it doesn't read like a negative to me. A qualified recommendation, or perhaps a neutral. But negative seems very harsh. The word "good" (or similar)appears quite a few times. Or does the tone of the report not reflect the experience?

It may have been a 'Good' punt BUT she did short change him by 30 mins which I find is a big Negative regardless what the service was like - to pay for the time and then lose this by a 1/3 by the WG in question and by telling lies it would also be a big fat NEGATIVE from me as well

It may have been a 'Good' punt BUT she did short change him by 30 mins which I find is a big Negative regardless what the service was like - to pay for the time and then lose this by a 1/3 by the WG in question and by telling lies it would also be a big fat NEGATIVE from me as well
Fair enough. But I think, in that case, you could have chosen a  somewhat more appropriate headline than "My First Reverse Booking is a Success".

Offline mcardle464

Hi Hockogrockle,

I didn't know initially that I had been scammed and I was considering rebooking her, it was only after the fact that she had lied emerged and she didn't want to return any money or make any recompense that I asked Admin to change the recommendation.  Really I had at most about 45 mins of sexual activity in the booking, when you take out the time she spent in the bathroom and I do not think that is VFM.

Offline Andyply

She has replied to my RB, sounded good in the comms but photos are a bit ropey, glad I checked here first, good old ukp.   :scare:


Yep, she bid on my RB.  I shall be deleting it.

Thanks OP.   :drinks:

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