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Author Topic: Diana Daze - Portsmouth  (Read 473 times)

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What a disaster - my worst punt ever


I have had Diana Daze on my hotlist for ages now, she looks fantastic in my view. However the young lady that I saw, plainly was not her, every time I had a decision to make I made the wrong one and paid for it. For 'how not to have a successful punt' - read on.

I contacted Diana by text and quickly received a reply, saying she was available and which road to go to. Due to domestics I was unable to make the time I had requested, but let her know, she was fine with rescheduling, just go to the road, ring or text and she will tell you the house number. I arrived in Fratton at about 9 pm, phoned and she quickly answered. She said "I will text you the number". Couldn't she have just told me as we were speaking on the phone ?

However I went to the house and was quickly let in and shown to a basic room with a bed and not much else. The lady was clearly not the one in the photos, a vague similarity only. She was  dressed in a red satin robe and wore only pink lace pants beneath it. She was young, 19/20 I guess, with dyed blonde hair and small, pert breasts. Overall she was a young sexy looking girl, who I knew was not the one I had hoped for, but thought I would still get to fuck a pretty young girl. She asked how long I wanted to stay, I opted for 15 mins and paid her £40.
She asked me to get undressed and lie on the bed, she then removed her underwear, grabbed a condom and put it onto my still only semi-erect dick. She then sucked vigorously and mechanically. After a coupler of minutes I stopped her so I could feel her tits, most things I asked for she was ok with, I asked her to open her legs, "touch only - no finger in pussy", I guess this is not unusual with wgs. I asked if she would touch my balls, she squeezed so hard I had to get her to stop. I eventually fucked her in missionary for a bit, before requesting that she finish me by hand. She did.

This went wrong at every opportunity - I have had ample warnings about Romanians, bad service, no interaction, bait & switch but carried on anyway. I knew it wasn't the girl in the photos - but carried on anyway. I thought I would be happy fucking a young pretty (ish) girl, whatever her input  - maybe that isn't the case and I do need a bit of (mostly fake) enthusiasm from the lady.
I may stop punting for a while now - this has put me off.
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Offline nigel4498

You were warned Dave, still not nice feeling when you have been ripped off though.
Just keep clear of Romanians, plenty of good indies out there. Bit like riding a bike really, get back on there mate.
Better luck in your next punt

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