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Author Topic: TeenVicki - MK - Petite cum swallow delight  (Read 2367 times)

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https://www.adultwork.com/2685638 or https://www.adultwork.com/TeenVicki

Teen Vicki is new to punting and I was her first punter, ever.!  :wackogirl: Comms were good as usual with a slight delay on the booking of 15 minutes due to Vicki having some transport problems.

Location in modern serviced apartments in MK. The flat was pristine and clean.

I fucked up a bit by ringing the wrong bell it was the flat opposite the one where Vicki was. Realising my mistake I rang the right one. At this point both doors opened at the same time. A middle aged couple and Vicki in some rather pleasant underwear looked at each other from feet away!  :scare:

I said, "Sorry wrong doorbell" to the couple and went inside the right flat! I don't think Vicki realised what happened!  :lol:

On going inside I saw Vicki in matching pants and bra set with a nice pair of heels. She was fucking stunning. Size 6, a nice handful of natural tits, slim dancers body with no excess fat anywhere. She had long dark straight hair. Long slim legs that went all the way up to a lovely pert arse. Facially she was pretty and cute as a button. Lovely mild West Midlands accent. She was spray tanned a nice brown colour. Essential for her modelling work I gather. After a brief introduction and I picked my jaw off the floor I give her the dosh and went to the toilet. On return she was on the bed. Started with some FK but not DFK. She didn't overtly appear to be nervous at all but I expect as this was her first punt then she was a bit bewildered by it.

I stripped off to my boxers. She started stroking the Dickus whilst kissing.  Strides off and she was straight onto the cock. Very good OWO, nice and firm, sloppy and deep. This went on for about 5 minutes until I told her I wanted to taste her teen cunt. I then set about her. Clean and fresh with lovely labia. I give her a good licking whilst my cock throbbed away like an electric pylon. I was down there for ages and she moaned when I pushed her clit around with my tongue.

We then switched to 69 and she was DT the big fella again. I feasted on her clit, labia and her arsehole hungrily as she did a nice sloppy job on me. I had to pause to take in her per arse on my face. She loved a good tongue fucking of her tight arsehole! They all fucking love this IMHO!

Spent ages in 69 licking and having her slim body on top of me swallowing my length down her gullet!

After a while I was fizzing to get my cock in her tight wee cunt so on with the suit and she rose me in GC. Started off slowly and she soon got into her stride. Her pussy was young and tight and felt great sliding along me. She must have been a bit worried about the rubber as a couple of times she slide off me and had suck on it.

I then gave her a good hard and fast pounding in GC, sucked on her nips and a bit of kissing. She loved the hard fast pounding and her eyes rolled a few times.

Moved to Mish and it was great to see my cock slide in and out of her tight cunt. Lots of eye contact at this point. Switched to doggie and pounding her tight pert arse from behind was fucking great. I was ready to fire my load at this point. I took the rubber off and she then started to suck like a crazy woman. Pop1 was into her mouth which she swallowed and then licked all the spunk off my throbbing pan handle.  :wacko:

Ah what a filthy young slut she is.

A break and a bit of a chat. Talking to her was a bit of hard work as she obviously was a bit new to the game. She does glamour modelling. After a bit of small talk we stated phase 2. More fantastic OWO, with great eye contact and her doing a bit of dirty talk asking me to spunk for her. She then played with herself and I bashed my cock inbetween bursts of OWO and me finger bashing her tight wet love hole! She was looking filthy as she made good eye contact and encouraged be to blow my load.

Pop2 was again in her sweet mouth. Another straight swallow without any hesitation!

After pop2 and a drink she gave me a nice clean towel and I had a shower.

Finished the hour bang on time and I departed the flat, sheepishly hoping that the neighbours whose door I rang earlier didn't pop out again!

A new girl to the business I felt she was holding back a little but as it was her first punt then I am not surprised. All in all a really positive experience. I was really tempted to book her again tomorrow.

Lovely tight teen fuck. On my recommended list and she will only get better with more punts under her belt. I paid £120 for the basic service (this was with a £40 discount arising from a previously cancelled punt - see Tara Tease review) I also paid her an additional £40 for CIM which I personally didn't mind due to the discount. I would expect that paying £200 might be a bit too expensive without the £40 discount. It's not often you get the chance to shoot your manfat down the throat of an stunning 18 year old English girl though!

 :crazy: :thumbsup:

2 review(s) found for TeenVicki linked to in above post (1 positive, 0 neutral, 1 negative)

Offline 8a8ylon

Enjoyed the review but have u seen those claws in her pics

Enjoyed the review but have u seen those claws in her pics

Those claws were carefully caressing my jewel pouch today!  :dance:

When you say "pounding her tight pert arse" are you actually talking about her arse or just doing her doggy ?

When you say "pounding her tight pert arse" are you actually talking about her arse or just doing her doggy ?

Doggie! I wish her sheriffs badge was up for grabs!  :wackogirl:

Offline Mr Br1ghts1de

You lucky B'std BD  :hi: She looks and sounds fab. Well done on breaking her in.

Offline nigel4498

You dirty lucky man, well done for breaking her in, punting wise that is.
Wish she was in my manor but there is no way I can get to MK easily, hopefully she might take up touring.

Offline vt

You lucky B'std BD  :hi: She looks and sounds fab. Well done on breaking her in.

Hopefully BD didn't break her...but great to hear she had such an accomplished debut and will continue to build on that...nice one BD!  :thumbsup:

Note of caution...£200 for the CIM/Swallow service does sound steep considering there are a number of girls offering CIM/Swallow at the MK parlours for £120.
« Last Edit: November 23, 2014, 02:53:23 PM by vt »

Looks nice ..but TOOOO expensive . £40 for CIM ..she's having a laugh .
There are loads of girls out there cheaper and everything is included .

To be quite frank, if anything other than anal is extra it puts me off .....and how can a girl list rimming but not facial ???

Nice school uniform in the photos - but more photos would be better . I suppose the real turn on is that she is 18 .. However if she put a face picture on ..and she looks 18  people will be queuing round the block !!

She definitely looks 18 but from what she said doesn't want to put her face up as she models professionally. I do agree that CIM for £40 is a bit excessive.

You money, your choice.

Offline Captain Caveman

Great job breaking in the teen bitch BD - may have to widen her cunt a bit myself.

A 3-way with her and Peaches would be awesome.  :yahoo:

Banning reason: Making racist slur

Offline webpunter

Good to see her profile is still up & running.  What an intro to the world of punting - a rasping from BD :)

I would imagine the more visitor she gets early in her punting career, the more likely she is going to keep providing services!

It takes the younger generation a while to understand how commerce works these days.

To be fair to her I was getting a bit bored with the punting scene until recent punts have made everything spark again! She was one of the highlight as was Hot Ameera today!  :hi:

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