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Author Topic: Morning or evening punts?  (Read 680 times)

Hi guys.. I've been lurking for a while getting some greats tips and recommendations. I just wanted to ask your opinions, and your personal preference. Is it best to punt in the morning or evening? I was just thinking that I guess it's more normall to punt evening time but then there is a risk that she could be shagged out by then and not really be into it.. On the other side in the morning I'm sure she's much more fresh and ready to go, whereas I would be the one half asleep  :D  any opinions would be really appreciated by a newbie punter. Cheers

I very rarely punt in the evening these days. Back in the Amsterdam RLD i used to enjoy strolling about, spliff in mouth at 3 am. Nowadays, my preferred punt time is around 2-3pm. Sure, I'd love to be the first punter of day (even though she could've been barebacked by any Tom, Dick or Abdul.) But I'm too bloody lazy, I enjoy watching the Wright Stuff first.

Offline stayer

Although the evening is good in that you don't have to take time off work, I much prefer being her first punter of the day as she should be fresh. Weekends work best for me as I'm a single bloke with no commitments like taking 'er indoors shopping or whatever.

Offline Peterbry

My preference would be a morning punt (i.e., being the first punter) but I have tried morning, afternoon, and evening punts and it's not really the time of the day that's been a factor in whether the service has been good or not, as far as I could tell.

Also, the ladies working hours are a factor, some have day jobs so you can have an evening punt and still be the first punter.

Always evening , always outcall , alway hotel . Not that I'm set in my ways .

Offline nigel4498

I am normally at my horniest in the morning so tend to punt as early as I can and no later then 2.00 pm. The plus is that the girls are fresher and it's nice to be the first of the day, not that  I am probably the first of the day. Sometimes find that the WG's are a little jaded as the day wears on.
Only ever had two late punts and they were disasters.

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