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Author Topic: Getting postcode one hour before  (Read 1987 times)

Offline SamLP

WG's can have some weird logic. Several times, I've phoned to ask for the door number when I've arrived and the girl asks where I am. One time it was raining and she said I can't see you. Well I'm in my car waiting to be told which number before I step out into the rain. I won't be getting wet waiting for you to see me. Then you have those that direct you to the building entrance, buzz you in and tell you to go to the x floor without wanting to tell you the flat number even though once you arrive at the door you can see the number  :wackogirl:

Offline dboy74

Had an issue once where a WG was being totally ridiculous over directions when I arrived at an hotel for a meet.

Text me first to say wait outside in the car park, then a follow up text to then wait in the reception area. After a couple of minutes I got my third text to say go to second floor and wait for another text for the room number!

At this point I thought fuck this I have had enough of this shit so turned off my phone and went home  :D

A couple of hours later I turned my phone back on to try a plan B and got a string of texts with first a room number, then an "are you on way?", "where are you?" and finally "you have wasted my fucking time"!

Only time I have walked away from a punt, but not jumping through hoops when I have already arrived.

The plan B was a great punt and justified my decision to walk away from the original girl  :yahoo:

Offline sam55

Postcode or road name is a must. That way at least you're in the right place. Understandably some girls only give the door number once you're on the street and essentially a minute or so away. It does feels awkward if theres other people around, but at least you've got there. Finding a door number isn't hard  :D

Well, you'd think that finding the door number isn't hard.
Anyone who has seen Ticha Thai will know what a mission it is. She's in one of these trendy mews type areas with all sorts of mixed housing, she's actually in a block of flats, however, for some unknown fucking reason there are no numbers on the flat doors!
First time, she managed to send me 3 texts and a call asking where I was even though I was right outside!
Second time wasn't a lot better, I'd forgotten the flat number, not of course that it makes a lot of difference!

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