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Author Topic: Swiss cottage unisex sauna ???  (Read 6851 times)

Offline EroticHeartBeat

Hey guys used this place twice now n must say the massage is absolutely top notch 10/10 in my opinion. Tho what IDE like to know had anyone got HE at this place or any extras at all ? Can't find any news on that from anywhere jus beginning to ruin I they defo don't doit
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Not sure.  Last time I went there (years ago) they had half-doors (saloon style) without privacy and I wasn't offered anything.

Anyway, there are several other massage places just across the road and further up Finchley Road that certainly DO offer HE.

Offline Terry 7 incher

I've been to this one. Called the Swiss Cottage Thai Massage and Spa. On the main drag on Finchley Road opposite the McDonalds.

Changing area, lockers, sauna, steam, showers all downstairs in the basement. You get your loin cloth on, hang out in the sauna, and when you're ready you saunter up the steps, through the reception area and into one if the massage cubicles with saloon doors. I think that bit about walking through reception is really cack. Didn't even give me sandals. The woman in reception said that a lot of regulars brought their own flip flops with them....fckin hell....can you believe that? "Oh darling, where are you going with your flip flops tucked in your inside pocket?"...."just going for a pint love"

The massage was ok. Short, fat, middle aged Thai woman.was ok. Asked her about extras...."No way" was her response. I think that's why the saloon doors are there, to stop all that tease and tossing.

This place is also ok for a legit massage but no extras though.
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Offline SamLP

I went there once in July, it was late around midnight. Didn't bother with the sauna. Just wanted a massage and possible extras. A middle-aged woman came in, told me to leave my boxers on so I knew that there would be no extras. Good massage and the lady was friendly. Not very discrete rooms so it was probably a sign that it was legit.

When I went there many moons ago the sauna area downstairs was a bit Yuck

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