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Author Topic: Best thing said to you by a WG  (Read 47037 times)

Offline Sparquin

Nicest one this year "Even my boyfriend cannot make me cum like that".

''what's wrong wit' you man, you fuck like an animal''

''come in my mouth and I'll give you £50 back''


Offline boardyhell

did you put that  thing in a grow bag ( i wish)

So, is there a little Highlander on its way?
That's not possible. There can be only one!  :lol:

Offline ness4

"Don't you dare cum yet" said while taking a pounding in her arse!  :cool:

Online j122

after a discussion about anal.... How can I tell me child Santa hasn't come because mummy's been destroyed by anal and hasn't been able to work since  :lol:

Offline Donnie69

You don't have to pay!  Not had this one for many years.

Wg "your cum don't taste bad or good just neutral,  so don't worry that'll stay on the menu"

Fuckin love it when a girl swallows

Chinese masseuse "You have very handsome cock."

Offline the_exile

Chinese masseuse "You have very handsome cock."

A Chinese girl told me "You have strong cock", well I thought it sounded nice.

Offline willmo1

Thanks after she had counted the money and it was all there.
Banning reason: Leaver

Offline Ali Katt

You make a change from the ugly ones.

A very pretty young Japanese (?) girl, after giving me a good massage, looked at my cock and said it was really big, which it's not. Then she compared it to her wrist and there wasn't much difference! She did, of course, have lovely slender wrists. I felt pretty damn good that day!

Offline ablaze

damn....your like a machine, im gonna have to go home early today....

Offline Midlane

I arrived for a 1 hour incall during which she sucked, fucked and DFK'ed me into an oblivion of uncontrollable, leg twitching, roaring orgasms

She then impishly quips, "If you give me another £50 you can stay all night"

I did

And am very happy to say I didnt get much sleep

I'd come, fall asleep and then be woken up with her attached to some part of my anatomy working her magic once more

Was pleasured practically every 30 mins to an hour in between dropping off to sleep all the way through until the morning

She completely drained me of body fluids over the course of around 10 hours

And then we enjoyed a shared shower when morning finally arrived

Probably the best punt of my life, a punt I will never forget, and I doubt will ever be repeated


Offline Marmalade

Offhand, probably "cth cth cth" as student Lanya was doing deep throat gagging.  :drinks:

Offline bossdrum

After a bit of teasing - "Shut up and just fuck my arsehole!"

Offline peter jb


Maria? - got to be thai, knowing bill's tastes- sounds too energetic for maylo. If it was , all I can say is - lucky lucky bastard !
Come on bill don't leave us hanging - I'm sure she won't mind being named- probably long since retired .

Offline Nagilum

I have a few that made me chuckle

"What are you the karma sutra?"
"Anal? No way you would kill me!"
"You really fucked my brains out"
"Ow, owwwww, I need to retire"

Bonus angry one

"You will not destroy my pussy!!!" *snarl

Offline JJJ

'Your GF is a really really lucky girl'
'Nice cock'
'Could I save your number?'

Online hendrix

When compared to my experiences, this is such a weird thread :D

Offline howrude

There was a milf i regularly used to see. She looked sophisticated but once stripped she was utter filth. And the best thing she used to say was "Let's see your cock juice". And she would see my cock juice that bit sooner.

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