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Author Topic: Best thing said to you by a WG  (Read 47024 times)

Offline RedKettle

I was on a punt recently and she said that my knob had grown to a massive size - now I know that I am no giant in that department, probably below average, but it was good to hear and I smiled.  She then said she was going to use an extra large condom so as not to restrict me!  Now I knew that she was being a good professional and just saying all that to make me feel good, but despite knowing it was rubbish it worked, I felt great and performed like a stallion!!

Yes I know she says that to all the guys...

Offline RedKettle

Then there was the one who said the punt was free - oh no that was just a dream!

Me - where can I cum (during owo)
her - anywhere you like!!!

After giving one girl a particularly vigorous seeing to, we had to move the bed back to where it had come from. As we did so, she looked me in the eye and said 'You're a proper good fuck you are, you could fuck for England!'

Made me chuckle....


I suppose the only good thing said is when I was going in mish and she was moving her hands on my arms and chest and said how muscular I was.

Working out does make a difference I guess  :rolleyes:

Offline peewee

That's the biggest one I've ever seen. :cool:

Offline Goofy85

One of the very well reviewed on UKP London girls told me: "You're the best I've had this weekend".

True or not, it was nice to hear.

Offline nigel4498

You might be getting on, but you fuck like a steam train.
Hence the avatar

Online Markus

You came in my hair (said after cheekily slapping me on my thigh) :D :D

Offline StevenS

"No the time in the shower isn't part of the booked time"

Bloody hell, how far can you shoot; (seconds later) it's on the headboard how am I going to clean that off?

Offline dantheman

Thanks for that, My ass is on fire.
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"You don't look like you have Ebola"

Offline Terry 7 incher

She to Me "You have the best 7 inch lolly pop I've ever tasted. I could suck it all day long"

Me to Her "Thanks...but don't talk with your mouth full".
Banning reason: Troll

Offline ATMIV

Lauren Foxx:-
After receiving a somewhat generous facial looked in her mirror
"Now I'm impressed"
Picked up her phone
"Quick take a photo.......I have got to have that in my gallery!"
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Offline Jeremy

You might be getting on, but you fuck like a steam train.
You take hours to get ready, need to be well lubricated or your parts get worn, and when you do get to work it's all hissing and clanking?
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Offline vt

"I love you!" ...I'm sure it was the heat of the moment, just after I'd given her an explosive orgasm, but nice to hear anyway!!  :D

I arrived for a 1 hour incall during which she sucked, fucked and DFK'ed me into an oblivion of uncontrollable, leg twitching, roaring orgasms

She then impishly quips, "If you give me another £50 you can stay all night"

I did

And am very happy to say I didnt get much sleep

I'd come, fall asleep and then be woken up with her attached to some part of my anatomy working her magic once more

Was pleasured practically every 30 mins to an hour in between dropping off to sleep all the way through until the morning

She completely drained me of body fluids over the course of around 10 hours

And then we enjoyed a shared shower when morning finally arrived

Probably the best punt of my life, a punt I will never forget, and I doubt will ever be repeated

Offline nigel4498

You take hours to get ready, need to be well lubricated or your parts get worn, and when you do get to work it's all hissing and clanking?
Sounds about right but once I am fired up there's no stopping me.

Going for doggy, I joked 'I can never find the right hole', her 'If you get the wrong one, you'll fucking know about it!'

Offline yorkshire123

I'm starving, fancy a bacon butty.
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Offline nigel4498

I'm starving, fancy a bacon butty.
Fancy a sausage between two babs  myself.


It's so hard it's like stone!

Unfortunately it was my chest she was talking about - I was going through a gym phase and she was trying to massage it.

Offline gwilliam

Best for me fingering wg she was hopping like frog loving she said she was" now not fit for purpose " lol my mates now call me "The fingerer " lol

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