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    Author Topic: Seeking advice regarding Lady Marmalade Parties  (Read 554 times)

    Offline john_n


    Just started punting and parties looks rather interesting. Going to London next month and trying to decide if should just book a girl or dive in and pursue something I dreamt about.

    Thinking about being around a lot of naked people and having sex doesn't put me off, but since it's something I have never experienced I don't know how I will react. Anyone who can tell me about their first time at LMP/sex partites. Do they "help" you if you say that you have never been there before?

    To me it looks like good value for money if I stay for 2 hrs

    And I have read the post where it says LMP London is closed at the moment, so hopefully it's back up again if I decide to go.

    Offline Captain Caveman

    Assuming LMP is back up and running next month, I would unhesitatingly recommend it.

    I had been to sex parties before my first visit to LMP but think it is a good idea to tell them you are a party 'virgin' as the girls will make sure you are looked after and not left out of things.

    Being naked in front of other guys can be off-putting - for about 5 seconds!!  :cool:

    After that, you will only have eyes for the horny, naked babes!  :yahoo:
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    Offline john_n

    It's the awkard for 5 sec and then all forgotten due to hot nude girls reaction I'm hoping for :)

    Just cross my fingers that they are up and running again when I'm in London. I guess it is best to call them early the day of the party to get a spot. Will be months again before I get another chance so would be sad to miss out.

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