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Author Topic: Selena-XX of Surrey  (Read 1130 times)

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Offline Ben4454

I met Selena in a hotel in Guildford. Upon first meeting her she had a nice attitude. I noticed instantly that she was Romanian and figured i'd wait a little to see what services she offers before deciding to abort or go with the punt.  She wasn't exactly dressed attractively just in some tatty worn looking clothes but I did phone up late at night and did not give any clothing requirements so I let this one swing by.

Unfortunately it all went a little down hill from here. I quickly nipped into the bathroom and upon re-entering the bedroom found her completely naked. My 'mechanical punt' alarm was going off at this point but decided to run with it. Selena looks exactly like her photos and she has nice perky tits. I started sucking her nipples and she was enjoying it.

I thought it was time for some OWO and immediately she began reaching for the condom. I said to her no I prefer OWO as it just feels better. She then gave me this crap about OWO not working with my cock or something  (Some lame excuse to not do OWO) - I then took off the condom and motioned for her to give me OWO but she then started to put the condom on again. I thought screw it she doesn't do OWO or CIM and pretty much lied to me so I might as well just get it over with and get some moneys worth and write a negative later.
Oral technique was OK. Decided to fuck soon after and she responded well. Said to her that I am going to cum in your mouth and she told me she doesn't do CIM as I thought. Decided to finish on her tits.

All in all she was not a clock watcher and had a nice attitude but the fact that I was lied to about OWO and CIM makes me put this as a negative.

Selena is in fact Romanian but does not state this in her profile. Suggested to her not to lie to punters about the services you offer in able to get the sale.

Price: £110 for the hour

Link: https://www.adultwork.com/2635634

Note to self for future punts:  Never visit Romanians.
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2 review(s) found for Selena-XX linked to in above post (0 positive, 0 neutral, 2 negative)

Offline nigel4498

Sorry you had a bad punt.
Notice that she states she is a professionally trained escort.
Didn't release they had a uni degree course in whoring but knowing the poor service that Romanian girls provide its obvious that they all go to one to learn the rip off techniques.

Offline G-style

Sorry did I read that right ... you had a condom on for oral OW and she said you couldn't finish in her mouth ... in the condom in her mouth i presume. Well thats just fucked up.

Never visit Romanians.
Repeat again x 1,000,000

Offline Ben4454

I only visited this one because I was drunk and it was around 11 PM at night. No pre-planning like I usually do to secure a good punt.

Advice to others all Romanians are the same and stay clear of them. I met one of the OKish ones but there are some out there who really rip you off.
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Offline 8a8ylon

She was around my part recently, didn't see her but she's travels with her friend I think.

Shame really as she looks nice.

So I'm guessing the q&a is bullshit that shes worth every penny?

Offline Ben4454

She would have been an OK punt if I was not into OWO or CIM.

Another bad thing about this punt was her weird attitude in between the point of becoming hard. She kept saying 'Are you on something?' referring to the fact I may have been on drugs which I found quite insulting - Although for the harmony of the punt I kept a smile and continued without addressing it but she went back to the topic about 3 or 4 times.

Could this be a new rip off technique ? Girls intentionally trying to sabotage your mood so you do not want sex.

Another question I have is all the punters who have given her positive feedback. How can anyone give a girl a positive when she lies to you pre-punt ?

It's like going for a meal and asking for a steak and you get a hamburger.
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Offline 8a8ylon

May I introduced you to Denise who reflects ur last post nicely.

On the surface she like 8/10 big tits blue eyes & attractive & from the profile loves to fuck.

Actually meeting no owo CIM & once ur number of pops hit 0 (twice in 1hr, like many ROM WG it time for u to go even if u have 40mins on the clock).  If u stay u get the silent treatment or a massage.

She been reviewed her Neg from me but 50/50 & a bad one on on the other p site from a local guy I chat to.

Just to add u can't play with her boobs for more than a 1sec

https://www.adultwork.com/2065683 or https://www.adultwork.com/Denise%21
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