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Author Topic: Raunchy Riah on AdultWork  (Read 16416 times)

Met her earlier today. Stunning figure and gorgeous girl. And yes her ass is as good as in the pics

Offline Looking4fun

Thought it was better than the photos haha

Sorry I had to cancel but I am planning on next week.

Offline themademan2

Lovely girl thought I was in the wrong place when she answered the door stunning imo
Well do a review then
Banning reason: Undesirable and untrustworthy. Treat all posts by this member with suspicion.

Offline northeastbloke123

Got a tip off lads! She is actually kim from diamonds. Its been confirmed to. She is also a thief! My mate showed me pictures of her in the newspaper. One to avoid most definate!!

« Last Edit: February 26, 2015, 03:56:31 PM by northeastbloke123 »
Banning reason: Prostitute posing as punter

Welcome Northeast bloke, you just joined and that is your first post, serious allegation to make , you got proof ?

Offline Admin

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Most likely a rival prossie.
Quite odd for a male to have an email with the name 'taylorashleighxx'.

The above allegation of her past is true. I would link the new article but it includes her real name and that is why I don't want to out of respect and discretion

if it's public knowledge no harm in sharing it

Offline johnny34

If shes a thief i'd like to see the article, its public knowledge already?

Agreed, if its in the public domain then please share.

Offline Looking4fun

Think that's just some slanderous bs I had my mobile wallet & money with me & no attempt to to be anywhere near any of it

Offline Looking4fun

I've been reliably informed the accusation was correct apologies & please ignore my post just in case

Offline Admin

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So is someone going to cough up the news link about her criminality?
Post it her or send me the link by PM.

Offline Looking4fun

I've just read it after reliable info but I'd still go back! I like the excitement

Offline johnny34

I've just read it after reliable info but I'd still go back! I like the excitement

Link to the info?

Offline Admin

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I don't recognize, can someone confirm that is her in the pics (either PM me or post here) so I can add her to the blacklist.

I just banned her for sending me a message threatening to report me to police (didn't know she had an account on here).

Offline AnthG

Got a tip off lads! She is actually kim from diamonds. Its been confirmed to.

If its Kim from Diamonds then the reason why she left them as was described in this post.


Arabella took on one of the Quayside flats for 6 months after which Macey/Kim moved in together but that turned out to be a disaster. I knocked on the door after Kim's client didn't get an answer and we couldn't get a response from her phone and there were 11 lads and five lasses in there treating it like their own private crack den. So they are now out and there is the possibility that others will work from there very shortly.

It is currently being cleaned and redecorated thanks to Kim/Macey.

No OWO is a deal breaker for me no matter what.

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I've received PM telling me it's definitely her in those news items, so have added her to the blacklist.

And a bit of Googling shows up this THIRD criminal offence - stealing a man's phone and cash while he slept:

She obviously forgot to tell the guy she was an escort.
A cheap overnight in my view ;)

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