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Author Topic: Sexy Sweet Sandy (Bromsgrove)  (Read 957 times)

8 review(s) for Sexy Sweet Sandy (4 positive, 3 neutral, 1 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

Offline bod666

https://www.adultwork.com/2056585 or https://www.adultwork.com/Sexy+Sweet+Sandy

I saw Sandy in a nice enough hotel on the outskirts of Bromsgrove on a rainy Saturday morning.  I had called the number on the aw profile but it just rang out.  After a few minutes however I received a text apologising for missing my call and saying she could respond to texts.  This normally makes me suspicious dealing with eastern europeans but I had seen Sandy before so was not too fussed.  I asked if she was available for a certain time and randomly got a text back from a different number confirming.  They texted the hotel details so off I trot.
Arrived at the hotel and the random number called me just as I'd parked.  An english woman asked me if I still wanted to see Sandy.  This was a tad confusing... I confirmed that I did and in fact was parked in the hotel car park.  She told me to hang on a minute and that she'd text me the hotel room number which dutifully turned up.  I think that Sandy must be part of a group of escorts that have a woman that answers the phone and deals with the appointments.  That often smells of trafficking to me but having seen Sandy before I was fairly sure that she's here of her own volition.

Anyway - after some faff I found the room - a strangely laid out hotel this one, but at least I didn't have to walk past the reception.  Knocked on the door and the Sandy I remembered from last time was hiding behind the door wearing a nice little black dress.  Facially she looks a bit "hard" until she smiles which softens her features.  Amazing body, wonderful natural breasts and bullets for nipples.  I could play with those tits all day :))

Last time around I paid for 30mins and enjoyed myself so much I extended to an hour so this time I wasn't messing around and booked the hour up front.

She offered me a shower which I declined as I'd just had one, however I did wash my hands as they were cold.  She was waiting for me on the bed after I left the bedroom and said "now you give me the money" in a harsh tone.  Bit weird thought I - especially as I'd left the money on the side of the sofa, but what the hey.  I gave her the money got undressed and laid out on the bed.  She quickly disrobed and joined me then started in with this really nice pampering not really a massage - more like some kind of body worship thing that involves the cock.  Man it is good! This moved onto some nice owo and from there to mac on and some vigorous riding.

This is where it turned neutral, I asked if she kissed “no” was the reply (looking at my review of the same girl from back in January she did do some closed mouth kissing back then so not sure what’s changed?)  And she quickly got into this straddling position where she covered her awesome breasts with her arm – effectively stopping me getting my mouth or hands on them.  Very disappointing.  We changed to missionary – I got a brief amount of tit action before she covered them again and I popped.
What followed is a big positive for Sandy – she removed the condom, cleaned me up with wipes then proceeded to caress me and keep the wee man to attention.  Very quickly second mac was on and we were into round two.  No small talk – straight into the action – I only know one other girl that’s done that.  This time some very satisfying doggy, sliding into lay down “speed bump” position, then back to missionary.  She then got bored of me banging away at her and decided that it was time for me to cum so got out from under me, whipped the condom off me and started jerking the wee man.  I asked if I could cum on her tits so we changed position and bless her she manfully jerked away until I spurted onto those amazing tits.

She then offered me a shower to clean off, then told me off for grabbing her towel and passed me the fucking little towel that you normally put on the floor in the bathroom to stand on when you get out the shower.  She did that to me last time as well!
Once I exited she jumped in the shower.  She managed a much faster shower than me and was soon back out and putting some clothes on.  We did have a bit of a chat then and I managed to get some smiles out of her.  Prior to that she had been a bit cold.

So why the neutral?
-   The sex was satisfying but it was a little cold, and she actively took steps to prevent me from touching her breasts – I’m guessing they must have been sensitive either from having taken a mauling from the previous customer, or some other reason;
-   No kissing (not even of the closed mouth variety)
-   It simply wasn’t as good as the first time I saw her (where she made me cum 3 times – and that definitely wasn’t on the cards for this visit as she had said it was only 2 times in the hour).

In summary – she is superhot, and does give a better service than a lot of the touring Romanians with zero feedback that regularly turn up, but not sure if I’ll be going back – particularly as Aspley seems to have had a similarly cold experience. 

I think I'd rather try someone new.

8 review(s) found for Sexy Sweet Sandy linked to in above post (4 positive, 3 neutral, 1 negative)

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