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Author Topic: Brooklyn swallows  (Read 4371 times)

Offline Toshiba


Any info?  £90 per hour is cheap, im looking for the catch

10 review(s) found for American Scarlett  linked to in above post (4 positive, 1 neutral, 5 negative)

Offline johnny34

Hi HC, shes changed her name. Used to be Paris Bush, maybe some info in reviews section.

10 review(s) found for American Scarlett  linked to in above post (4 positive, 1 neutral, 5 negative)

I have seen her a couple of times, she has never been a bad punt, and occasionally an awesome one!

On one occasion, a car meet, she was sucking my dick within minutes of getting in the car, she was really gagging for it, I had to pull over in to a lay-by to shoot my load into her mouth, when we got to her favourite place, she had climbed into the back and was naked before I had parked the car, fucking awesome punt!

On other occasions just OK though, I keep going back hoping for a repeat of the cock hungry desperate for a fuck girl, got close but no repeat as yet!

Offline Toshiba

Wonderful lads, another great piece of info.

Knew there would be a catch to the price


Offline doriangray

was just about to start a new topic, but found this thread had already started the conversation.

what is it about paris bush/brooklyn swallows?

met her once, and feel compelled to see her again, but she was so rude with the foul language (don't think she meant anything by it, I think she was acting up to some sort of american sterotype image which we just don't appreciate here). OK, she's put on a few pounds since most of photos were taken - think she said she'd had some kids which might explain it, but hope she loses it and gets petite again like in photos.

has anyone else seen her and have an opinion? need the excuse to go back again to find out if she was really play acting, and she is genuine under the facade
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Offline AnthG

Can I ask those who have seen her, which general area of Newcastle does she do incalls from?

I've not met her.......yet, but when emailing a while ago she told me quayside

Offline CW1972

I saw her a couple of months ago, she is from a dodgy part of Westerhope, seemed off her head on something when i saw her, dirty though!

Offline Ginger Snap

I hate prozzys that don't wash :coolgirl:
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She freaked me a little out when I saw her, she said I looked 15 and kept on calling me wolf man or something due to a hair birthmark on my left upper arm, seemed nice but talked about alcohol a lot after she found I don't drink

Offline Toshiba

Sounds a heed ball, never ever from me

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