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Author Topic: Lara/ Sarah/ Georgia NaughtyNorthernEscorts  (Read 980 times)

Offline Addicted65

Hi guys

I have decided that one of the above three girls will be my next punt

Having not used the agency before, and all the girls seem to get good feedback which gorgeous girl should I see first ?

Also can anyone tell me whether Darlo, Hartlepool or Stockton offers the more discreet and safer pad to visit ?

Cheers in advance

Offline mgc2013

I haven't seen the other 2 but have seen Sarah, who was excellent!! Would highly recommend.

I've been to both Stockton and Hartlepool flats and both are okay in my opinion but people on here tend to say the Middlesbrough flat is the best!

Offline KLMman

Lara or Georgia would be my advice
Banning reason: Multiple accounts (KLMman, stockon jon)

Offline MDB72

Have seen Sarah and she is one of the best. Not seen the other two but planning on it. The Middlesbrough flat is my preference - nice and modern. The Darlo and hartlepool flats are similar although Darlo is very discreet and surrounded by parking either pay or park in a supermarket and walk. Stockton has loads of on street parking but the flat is in an older style building. Clean and well maintained. All the flats have shower facilities.

Offline docbrown

I've done Darlo and Stockton , Darlo is far better in my opinion , Stockton is a bit of a dump , Georgia is stunning but for my money Sarah tops the list , not as firm body but if you want a milf and plenty of DFK Sarah is my first choice
Never seen Lara but happy to take one for the team , purely for comparison you understand .

Offline jonone

Just looked on NNE calendar and there isn't a Sarah on there now

Hartlepool is OK, but IMHO Darlo is better. Never tried Stockton.

Never seen any of the above girls so can't help you with that.

Offline alpha68

As I've posted several times before, I rate Sarah very highly; and if a pretty MILF with very large but firm tits is your thing, then you cant go wrong; and she's nice and pleasant with it too.

I gather Sarah is on holiday and returns next week.

I'd agree that Boro flat is the best, but parking better at Darlo. I ended up parking in a nearby public car park at Boro recently for a fairly late appontment and was very lucky that my car wasnt locked in for the night. However, that was on a Saturday and parking nearer to the flat is easier during the week.

Offline Addicted65

Thanks for the info guys. Reports will follow.

My aim inow is to see all three ASAP and report back

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