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Author Topic: EmmieX - a rising Star maybe??  (Read 833 times)

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https://www.adultwork.com/2660530 or https://www.adultwork.com/EmmieX

Good reports both here and on AW from a trusted UKP member.  Looking at her list of likes, will she be the new Soph or new Angelina?

Got her on my H/L and will book in once she becomes more established into a routine. 

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The profile looks good, her comments on here seem fine, just a shame not to see better photos. I cant figure if shes my type or not from the ones shes got. I like curvy but toned and im still non the wiser.

Offline Quesadilla

The profile looks good, her comments on here seem fine, just a shame not to see better photos. I cant figure if shes my type or not from the ones shes got. I like curvy but toned and im still non the wiser.
As per my review she is curvy with a bit of a belly on her. I would not say she is particularly "toned" right now (the Jaffa Cakes were a clue) but this is something she's aware of and is on her to do list to fix.
If that is your sticking point drop her a line and ask for some additional pics.  I got the impression she would rather someone not book with her than be disappointed with her body. She sent me some pics which clinched it for me. I was most interested in her butt and boobs which were all very much up to scratch but it's all personal taste. 
Again as per my review I gave a 6.5/10 for looks purely because she's not as tight as I usually go for but her services and attitude more than made up for it for me - she loves cock hard and deep in every orifice and rims like a champion. What's not to like?  :unknown:
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Haha thank you :D  :drinks:

Regarding my body, I've actually mentioned this in my response to Quesedilla's review just now! Honestly, Quesedilla is quite right, I'm not at all toned at the mo. I'm more of a curvy, soft 14, bordering on 16 (but heading in the right direction!) I'm 5'7 and I do have quite slim legs and arms, and from the front I go out at the hips and in at the waist, but not as much as I'd like and I don't have a flat tummy. My bum is quite big but I'm okay with that!! In general though I'm nowhere near as fit and tight as I want to be - I'm aiming for a curvy but toned 12-14 and have instigated a proper health eating/exercise regime - I've been that size and level of fitness before (last spring I was pretty much my ideal shape) so I know I can do it, but not sure how long it will take.

Am planning to upload some clearer body pics soon and as Quesedilla said, always happy to send out more - I really would rather someone decided not to book me than turned up and was disappointed by my body shape - would just be awful for all concerned and would not be good for my self esteem at all!! I'd rather someone waited til I tone up if that is what they prefer, honestly I would. I'm part time and happy to stay low-level for a bit longer, it gives me an incentive to stick at the healthy diet and exercise regime too!  ;)  :angelgirl:

I am pretty body confident - will happily wander around naked haha, discovered an exhibitionist streak at a swinger's night and I'm not shy about my body at all - but since escorting has really taken off for me I'm thinking a lot more about making sure I am in good shape. It goes with the job really, taking care of yourself... I'll always be curvy and it's good to have escorts of all shapes and sizes, but I want to be healthy and fit and toned with it.  :dancegirl:

Incidentally, I'm not working at present as a family member is unwell. When I return the main things I'm going to focus on are my comms and my fitness.. and shortening my profile, and adding some more pics. I really am grateful for all the advice I've got on here, it really has helped me a lot reading reviews etc and getting a punter's perspective (e.g. on my overly long profile) so thanks guys. Not around much on here any more due to personal commitments and family problems but wanted to pop in and respond to this thread and Quesedilla's review - thank you guys, you really cheered me up today :)  :drinks:

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