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Author Topic: My first North-East punt  (Read 844 times)

Offline Ferugis

Hello fellow punters,

I'm new to the Newcastle area, and I'm looking for a nice girl for my first punt here. I must tell you that I only had one punt before that in another country, which consisted of a massage and a titjob. I was quiet nervous but I still enjoyed it.

I'm looking for a small girl, no more than 5'5''. I don't care about her age or her ethnicity. She can be slim or chubby, with big or small tits, I like it all. I just want to find the right girl for my first "real" punt.

Your feedbacks and advice will be much appreciated.

Cheers !

Offline AnthG

This has been asked a few times in the last fortnight. So I would definitely say to read the other topics on it to find from them who to see.



I would still say any of these 5 in this post as my answer of who to see


Offline toon972

Try an agency.Diamonds of Newcastle and Amorescorts seem to be the most popular.Pick a girl from their lists,they have sizes etc listed.When you have picked girl check her out on the review section on here.

Find one who's pictures turn you on, check her out on here, go shag her :)

Offline Ferugis

Thanks a lot for your answers guys !

Offline Bengeo13

Make sure you let us know how you get on!

Offline Toshiba

Try Savannah at Amour, she sounds right up ya street

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