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Busty Miss Asia https://www.adultwork.com/2696074
Double DD, Size 12, quoted prices are £60 a half hour, £100 for the hour.
I hesitated over the rating on this one. Basically I thought she was a really nice girl but I'm afraid wasn't up to scratch, and that, in the current climate means I wouldn't return except maybe for a quickie, but make what you will of it.

The good things: Comms was mostly ok, pictures genuine, lovely soft skin, she got quite excited, her massage could be good if she chilled out a bit, and it's no too far from the city centre. Her breasts are excellent, very suckable, and the nips get big and hard with stimulation. Best thing was probably looking at her face in missionary, nice golden-skin Arabic look with very long hair. Speaks perfect English (pleasant to chat to) and the few words of Spanish supported her profile (which I thought was very nicely written). Hair's dark red/brunette as per the photos, not blonde as per the stats. She also gave appointment at short notice, to her credit.

The problem is that there are far better, service-wise, in Edinburgh for the same money. I'd had a look at the PG, nice enough, though titles like "pulling down my knickers" don't show more than a thumb in the side strap of knickers (should maybe be "imagining thinking about pulling down my knickers when I've finished taking photos," but fair dues as the photo is marked "NN" and she's not overcharging for them even if they are all rather similar (high res, so you can blow them up and get a proper look at her face and tits. No fanny pics.)

Negatives: Towel on the bed, which looked like a large fold-down bed--divan, Kept me waiting outside until she was ready, which I was prepared to overlook even though it was could. About 7 minutes before she buzzed me up, so nearer 10 once I'd climbed the stairs and walked in, especially if we include time taken to put money away and return for the session. None of which would have been a problem if she had reset her alarm clock, but that is one third of a half hour appointment, so I was less than impressed when I was politely and sweetly informed that it was "time to go" twenty minutes later.
      It was what we would describe in Edinburgh as a "sauna-style" session, though that would be unfair to LSS and others that give a far better service, ambience and the full time on the clock. Her likes list includes CIM, French Kissing, OWO, none of which were on offer. (Even getting as far as the neck felt intrusive, tits ok). So you know the routine, a quick back-rub, a "What position do you like" and then maximum effort to get you to come. In those situations I try to take firm but pleasant control, so gave directions on positions, changing a couple of times (doggy nice for the sake of the nice long hair that comes down to the buttocks). The slightly unusual thing was that she started frigging herself very very hard very early on and as far as I could tell from physical signs (marked aureole changes  etc) probably had at least a small orgasm. Seeing it coming I wanted to get in and her fanny at that point had plenty of grip, though naturally slackened off a bit afterwards. But as I said, great to watch her from mish position even if there was no eye contact during that bit (head turned firmly away).
      Location: About halfway through there was the grunt of another bloke coming in, whether her bf or another client for someone sharing the flat, I've no idea. The flat was ok but not the best. Scruffy bit of Easter Road not far from the Hibs' football ground and Scorpios. I got lost taking a short cut going out - dark muddy lane and squeezing through a gap in a fence was the path taken by a number of shoppers to and from Sainsbury's. TV remained on throughout the session (just normal channel, the inoffensively quiet Columbo).
      To be fair, her usual patch is London (Upton Park) and probably the service is good enough for down there (I felt she thought she gave a good service) but is below par for Edinburgh (up here for three months she says); a shame she couldn't get a higher rating, as she's quite a gorgeous woman, but she should up her game and offer a more relaxed, unrushed session. Unlike London maybe, reputation is everything as far as punters in teh know are concerned.

She also has ads here http://www.eroticpostreviews.com/p/660403 in more luxurious surroundings. Also backpage here http://edinburgh.backpage.com/FemaleEscorts/rossi/10659290. Also here: http://www.escort-magazine.com/gb/escort-girl+edinburgh/my-job-is-to-relax-you--asia/108908929

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