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Author Topic: Paige Wilson of Derby/Nottingham  (Read 11953 times)

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I've not seen her for over a year. She's a nice lass and fit but on both my bookings with her I cum twice in the hour and for me thats low compared to 5 times when I met Michelle indy again in Birmingham last week. Michelle's the kind of girl that doesn't give you a rest constantly trying to get you hard again but with Paige I wasn't getting that and she needs prompting in which I dont like doing. I'd love to see Paige again but that's the reason I've not returned.

Im sorry that you didn't get your money's worth, but at least you found somebody that does give you your money's worth.

Paige has been a regular of mine over the last couple of years so you can guess I find her attractive and her services to my taste (I'm very much in the GFE camp) though she does have a genuine submissive side which we have explored from time to time. Her comms have been good though she has let me down on a couple of occasions with a valid reason at short notice (not overly inconvenienced but it is a little frustrating when one is all horned up and raring to go). I'm rarely more than a one shot per hour person these days so don't have that problem about post cum engagement which was previously mentioned. If you like a sensual and realistic GFE then I would recommend her. :thumbsup:

It's be great MtB if you'd do a review, she's only the one and it helps punters make a decision if there are several perspectives to go from  :hi:

Personally I quite fancy her but have a niggle she's bigger than an 8 and would like to know more about her kissing - is it pecky or snogs?

It's be great MtB if you'd do a review, she's only the one and it helps punters make a decision if there are several perspectives to go from  :hi:

Personally I quite fancy her but have a niggle she's bigger than an 8 and would like to know more about her kissing - is it pecky or snogs?

Ok, TNS I will report on my next meeting with her (one planned soon). To answer your questions
1) kissing is gentle and seductive rather than full on DFK but not 'pecking' either.
2) I would say she's a size 8/10 up top but hips and bottom would be a 10

Paige, In-call, Derby
Sensual GFE
In response to TheNewSeeker’s request, I promised to provide a new review for Paige to help other members decide. 
So as I mentioned before, Paige has been a regular over the last few years so I want to keep this as objective as possible and try to avoid any accusations of “fluffiness”.  Clearly I have found Paige’s looks, personality, services and prices meet my requirements.  I will expand on them further below based on my last meeting with her (1hour meet - £130).
Paige’s photos, ‘likes’ and her physical description on her AW profile are all accurate and I would judge her stated age (28) to be also.  I would best describe her facially as a pretty blonde with lovely eyes (especially while looking up at you while on her knees) who has a warm and welcoming personality (I recall thinking this at our first meeting and this has been consistent since). As mentioned on this thread earlier, Paige has done Fake Taxi so it is possible to see what she looks like for yourself.
Comms and Location
Paige’s comms are pretty good. The appointment was made by text and I received her reply within a couple of hours (on some occasions in the past it has been next day).  The venue for an in call is her clean and modern apartment about 5 mins drive from J25 M1 which is in a nice safe location with good free parking nearby. I was offered the opportunity to shower (declined as I had showed 30mins before) and refreshment.
The Meeting
I arrived a few minutes early and was let in immediately. Paige greets me, dressed as requested in high heels and a lovely see through beach wrap showing some rather sexy lingerie,  with a lovely smile, a kiss and a slight admonishment (“it’s been ages, it’s sooo good to see you again) – all very good for the ego.
So a bit of chat and paperwork out of the way and we start with some sensual kissing and touching; then Paige pulls me back towards the wall.  I know what she wants, so I take both her hands in one of mine and pin them above her head to the wall. It’s lovely to see and hear Paige’s response to this. My free hand is teasing her, caressing her thigh, brushing her nipple and kissing her neck. Then I firmly turn her around, hands still pinned. I know she can feel my erection through my trousers and she duly pushes back into me. The touching becomes a little more intimate and Paige’s moans more obvious. So it’s time to turn her back around. I run my free hand up her thigh, slipping the crotch to one side and insert my finger. It’s so moist and Paige is utterly ready to do what I command.
We undress and Paige sinks to her knees giving my erection her undivided attention apart from to look up at me with those blue eyes.  Her oral skills are very good and a sloppy BJ is just what I need; however it’s far too soon for me so I move her onto the bed and start to give her oral. She’s close but I’m not quite closing the ‘deal’; a change of tactics required so I kneel between her legs and insert a finger and command Paige to stimulate her own clitoris. After a couple of minutes Paige requests my cock inside her. Who am I to argue?  So on with the condom and we resume the position. Watching her bring herself to an orgasm with my cock deep inside her is delightful.
More sex - missionary, cowgirl and then doggy. This is Paige’s preferred position and she readily cums again. Back to missionary and I finish deep inside her filling the condom with my own cum.
Time is up (actually we have gone over the hour); Paige does not clock watch but I appreciate her time is her own so we chat for a little while I get dressed and one final lingering kiss by the door before I leave.
In Summary
Paige’s AW profile says she wants sensual men and offers a realistic GFE and this is exactly what you get.  She can be sensual, compliant, demanding, submissive, likes role play and she knows what I enjoy.  I believe variation keeps things fresh and Paige has enough variation to keep me coming back for more.
So chaps, I do recommend Paige to anyone who has a similar ‘likes’ to my own.  Go see her and I very much doubt you will be disappointed.

2 review(s) found for PAIGE__x linked to in above post (2 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

Mike, you've done your review as a post response to someone else's review!!!

It looks good, but can you copy and paste it to a proper new review post, otherwise it won't be as visible and count to her reviews.

Edit - sorry see you have  :drinks:
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Yes, sorry about that. Please put it down to me being a relative newbie to UKP. I realised my error after posting on this thread but couldn't work out how to delete it.

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