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Author Topic: Regulars PUNTS  (Read 511 times)

Offline Ben_Dover



I was wondering if anyone is willing to share some of there regulars profiles.

Any decent girl giving good service for under £100. Around North West London.

I have not punted for 2 years and the whole world has changed.

All my regular working houses in Colindale, Kilburn and Kingsbury closed.

Few girls I saw in Hounslow and Ilford are in prison.

My finances are not good so therefore I cant not choose or have great choice.

I do know decent service exists.

Please forward any great regulars you have.

Offline iPad3

If you are genuine then welcome, you've posted some controversial stuff thus far but when it comes the girls rather than read up you've jumped straight in asking for information when you have shit loads of it available to you, brace yourself for some grief from the less charitable members would be my first advice.

On the girls front, read the london boards and as said above you'll find a wealth of info and possibilities, if there are gaps post a question to fill the gap, doing this will gain you a bit of credibility.

Good luck and I hope you find what your after.

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