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Author Topic: Massage Nat Oldbury  (Read 2100 times)

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Offline misterjt111

There's been much said about this woman and I decided to go for it after having no joy with plan a and b.

I called her after receding a confusing email on aw.  So I called her and as previously stated her English isn't great. Arranged the time 30 mins for half hr nuru with bj.  Now there's been much debate about her age and whether there has been a bait and switch situation.  I believe people either have terrible eyesight or judgement, no way is she 32 as per her profile, I'd put her in her mid 40's for sure.

She has a decent body for a woman of her age and looked good in white lingerie.  I was in two minds whether to leave straight away or just go with it as age is merely a number, however I've never been with a woman this old.  My cock took over and I followed her upstairs.  Kitted off and tried to have a bit of a chat but she is absolutely mental, she seems to talk to herself quite a lot! She reminds me of a cross between A female version of Borat and Alan Partridge's wife in the way she talks. In fact looks wise she is similar to the latter.

Nuru was decent but then the blowjob.  It was like she was possessed, making some weird moans and it really freaked me out.  I love a pornstar style bj with spitting slobbering etc but this was just odd.  After an oily handjob I popped and she got her mouth around my cock to get all the cum she could.

As stated by people already she loves cock clearly but her technique is a little strange.  Much older than advertised.  But she did make me cum so it can't have been that bad, but I still left thinking I wish if have gone to see Alex in Halesowen as she was my plan a and the same price.

I won't be going back.

Online Stapler

I would describe Natalli as quirky.

Does it for me!

No way is she mid forties!

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The only girl I have ever walked from. I'd say mid-forties is an absolute minimum.

Offline billyjo

I've seen her a few times and always been very happy with the service.  I'd agree she's older than 32 but I still find her attractive.

Offline Flunt

As one who has previously made positive comments on Nat I'm tempted to agree with your opinion. She is very strange, difficult to communicate with and older than 32 (if she showed me a birth certificate which said 45 I wouldn't be surprised). What she does, she does do well and if you want to fuck a young woman don't see Nat.


Unlike a half hour FS quick shag I would suggest that half an hour will not get you the best from Nat or indeed any girl who offers sensual massage with he.
Its just not long enough to get through the 'programme' to the best of their ability.

Offline misterjt111

I honestly don't think the time was the issue.  She is not my cup of tea, just my opinion.  I don't think I've ever questioned myself during a punt before, I've always been caught up in whatever was going on, whether it's a massage or otherwise.  I've seen Mally before for just a massage and HR and it was a completely different, better and cheaper experience!
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