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Author Topic: FoxyRoxyCravesCock  (Read 751 times)

Offline slamman

Anyone seen this girl recently?

Think she's went under a few different names like FilthyEmz & KinkyStace.


Offline aardvark

Q. do u offer bb at no extra cost?
A. No I deffo don't! Bb is such a risk so it's not included in the specials nor at the normal price. It's £20 extra ontop of the normal price. Pls understand why it's this price. It's such a risk for me to trust u. 

Why would a girl who looks very nice be offering BB so cheaply?  Probably because she is either fake or desperate.  Either way, not worth it.  Shame, because as I say she looks great.  Maths is crap though!!

Offline slamman

Didn't even see that, made that decision easy!

If you had searched the profile number you would have see my post -


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