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Having not been able to get to LMP on the days they were in Bristol I was left with a punting itch I wanted to scratch, and on the day I decided to punt, this WG was available and had been +vely reviewed on UKP.


Ideal venue. All services listed on her profile appeared to be available, and those I asked for were provided with enthusiasm. (French Kissing was light).


Almost no English. Crap touch IMO - ironically there was a Polish book on erotic massage on the coffee table. Her limited English became non existent during sex, so asking her to do something a certain way was useless.

I'd asked to shower beforehand when arranging the appointment, and I believe she set a 30 minute timer whilst I was in the shower. Actual playtime was then cut to about 25 minutes when the timer went off.


Her looks are quirky, she's past the first flush of youth, and she's overweight. This is all apparent from the photos on her profile, so not a negative IMO - anyone booking her knows those things upfront.

I booked her because she was available at short notice, she was in a convenient location ideal for punting, and offered a good range of services at £70 for 30 minutes.

Overall, for me she's a negative, because of the clock watching, and because she's not very skilled IMO, and she can't take direction to improve her skills because she can't understand what you're saying. Given her looks will not be to everyone's taste, I don't believe her phone will be ringing off the hook, and IMO she's foolish to clock watch, as it may prevent her building a business based on repeat business.

With her range of services and prices she could easily be a positive if she was more flexible on appointment time and was more skilful and had better English. I sometimes think some EE WGs who come to the UK should start by working in a massage parlour for a while - I even wonder if this one has ever been on the game before coming here.

6 review(s) found for _LILLY__ linked to in above post (6 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)


Aplogies - slight cock up wrt to the above review - I meant it to be a Neutral, not a positive.

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She looks like my kinda gal !

Shame about the experience !
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