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Author Topic: Ashley-Ass  (Read 895 times)

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There seems to be group of girls staying at these rented apartments just behind shandwick place.
Easy to find.

Ashley is really hot. Like, really fucking hot. Her comms before the meet were good, got into her rented flat no problem, private entrance/buzzer.
She greeted me wearing a sexy bra and panties garnished with a lovely smile.
Her English is amazing, almost has a hint of an English accent.
After a quick intro, paperwork sorted we got naked and straight to business. She does covered everything unless you wanna shell out and additional £20 for owo. I would have gone for it had I not been burnt last night so decided a blowie is a blowie. She has pretty good by skills. To be fair I was pretty distracted playing with Her perfect ass.
Into 69. Nice pussy.
Then she got on top and shagged me good. Nice pussy, pretty tight, nice and wet.  I had to slow her down a couple times as I was gonna cum.
After a bit o came, she got off cleaned me down and we chatted for a bit.  While the banter flowed I felt like I could easily fall for this girl. She's hot, cute, fun, great chat. Has super nice eyes. Blah blab blah

So.  The scoring.
Flat 9.5/10. Would be better if bed had pillows.
Looks 10/10
Service 7/10. She was good and o had a great time. She was very open and asked what I liked what positions I wanted to do etc.  however when it came to the tucking she was very quiet, her face was sort of robotic. She looked like she was having fun. But also looked like as tho she was simply shagging through the motions.
I'd still recommend s visit as she isn't staying long. Get her while you can. She's gorgeous

2 review(s) found for Ashley-Ass linked to in above post (1 positive, 0 neutral, 1 negative)

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