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Author Topic: punting outside your normal type of pro$$ie  (Read 1988 times)


I think most if my punts are outside of my type since I wouldn't seriously consider a long term relationship with any of the girls I've punted with. In fact that is one of the great things about punting, not just that you can still fuck gorgeous girls but you can fuck a whole range of sizes, shapes, types and ages. I like trying out woman who I wouldn't bother to pursue in real life.

Offline webpunter

Managed to tick off a WG with an age starting with a '5'.  Thought that deffo starting with a late '4' but now appears i've ticked this box.  Won't be going for a '6' though.  Occasionally ponder the thought of a size 16 [size 14 maybe 12 on AW] but just can't bring myself to summon up the nerve

Offline Anadin

A variation in height, age, body type (within reason) and race is fine with me but ultimately I will always go for a relatively slim, pretty lady with huge tits

Offline Tjkooker

My type would be sz10 or 12, dark hair, good boobs gorgeous face age 23-35. This is very hard to get aligned with services I'm after.  I often punt out with for the services. dirty chavy blondes, early 40 milfs, ee skanks etc. my only no's are non whites, fat chicks and ugly chicks.
Banning reason: Outing and trolling a punter because he posted a negative about his favourite prossie. White-knight fluffy that pretends otherwise.

Link?  :hi:

As she  was my girlfriend, I have no link to share. Maybe when I have settled in ill share some photos.

Link?  :hi:

As she  was my girlfriend, I have no link to share. Maybe when I have settled in ill share some photos.

Offline Quesadilla

My physical type I would say is pretty petite blue or green-eyed blondes - around 5'2/5'3, size 8-10. Tight little bodies, great butts, perky natural boobs - bust size not really important. Girl-next-door pretty is fine, but I'll settle for stunning.  :D

My two favourite regulars fit the bill almost exactly (one has enhanced boobs but a fantastic boob job).

But I'd say the physical type is less important than the attitude / services on the whole - I've had a great time with various ladies ranging from size 6 to 16, never gone beyond 5'8 tall (and probably never would), hair colour not an issue, big boobs, small boobs, real/enhanced, all good. 

I'm more interested in ticking items off my sexual bucket list, so it's more finding a good match in terms of services offered.

I would like to shag my way around various ethnicities just to say I have - seen one black lady and one Brazilian so far - so at some point would like to try others at some point but certainly not my priority.
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