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Author Topic: Gabriella - Maxes  (Read 3257 times)

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Offline tommy1970


We set up the experiment in a flat in The West End close to Tottenham Court Road for 1 hour. The Apparatus used was:
Gabriella - http://www.maxes-angels.com/girls/gabriella/
Tommy (with a hurty knee)
Vibrating Wand
Cock Ring with Anal attachment
Double ended Dildo (unused)

All Apparatus were thoroughly washed and dried before experiment was started. Session initiated with G laying on bed playing with wand closely inspected by Tommy. Moved on to stage 2: Deep blow job by G leading to hardening male appendage. Flipped over - rusty trombone achieved with lube. More Lube. Deep tongue action. 69 with rimming on G. Spitting, ball licking. Condom on - Cowgirl. Missionary with ankles on shoulders. Gentle choking. Doggy. Placement of cock ring with anal dildo on very hard male appendage. Insertion of male appendage into pussy, dildo with loads of lube into arse. Gentle doggy. Harder Doggy. Very hard Doggy with hair pulling. Orgasm by G. Condom Off and Cock ring. Rimming and BJ by G. Explosion in Mouth. Swallow. Bish Bash Bosh.

Orgasm by Gabriella (probable). Orgasm by Tommy (definite). Bloody good time. I actually like tattoos on girls.

Gabriella is fit as fuck, Great tits, great  and a real hedonist. She just loves sex. She is also fun, engaging and a damn sight more interesting than me. I hope to see her again
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Offline hendrix

Conclusion is spot on :D she's still one of the best around for my tastes :thumbsup:

Offline d00fer

Good review thanks. Much like my previous meetings with her earlier this year that I need to write up. I read she's retiring at the end of the year though.

Offline Goofy85

I really liked her when I saw her, but the session was a little too stop/start for me. As if we did lots of things, but perhaps not enough time enjoying them. Very enthusiastic and nice looking. Great personality. I would return, but not for £250.

Offline kong

hey bud how long a walk would you say her incall is from the TCR tube station?

Offline ciscoxxx69

What a fantastic, kinky review  :drinks:

To do list....tick  :hi:

Offline tommy1970

Couple of mins tops. I think she may call it a day soon.
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Offline Quesadilla

Nice review - she is definitely on the list - hope rumours of her hanging up her spurs aren't true.

Was the apparatus used this by any chance as I bought one for myself for Christmas.  ;)
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Offline Quesadilla

Hmm...all seems to have gone quiet on the Gabriella front. Not seen her active on the Maxes roster since before New Years. Anyone actually seen her around this year? Had a duo with her in mind as my Feb b'day treat and wanted to see her solo first.
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Offline tommy1970

She did say she was calling it a day and may dip in and out

Not sure for sure as I am having a punt free January. If anyone wants to sponsor me through this tough period please visit www.justabouttoexolode.com
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