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Author Topic: AdultWork became a mess  (Read 1071 times)

Offline Alexix

AdultWork became a mess!!!
I look suspiciously at almost 70-80% of the profiles,  most of them are junk.  :dash:
Reading their feedback, you can see that they are written by the same people (pimps ?) who are linked to other junk profiles...
... profiles which pop up profusely like mushrooms in autumn and vanish like gosts after few days only 

Offline RandyF

Yeah first page Glasgow results are full of munters and fake profiles.

Just not what you want to see on a wet Friday morning  :blush:
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Offline ich will

I agree Alexix AW is not very user friendly these days,im also sure the genuine girls are sick of it too as no one wants lumped into the same bracket as a fake/bb provider etc.

Seriously what can AW do?

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Offline galcom666

Another site deals with it by simply acting as a database. The SP put up an advert which includes a phone number. The punters phone them up. It costs them something like £100 initially then £40 a month.

They then sent a photographer around to take some snaps (I used to know one of them Jer used to set the brightness too high and it made them look whiter) they get posted. The profiles were all pretty standard:

A map
Working hours
Age grouping
Body specs
Services + extras
Notes which were like don't see xxx race or won't see drunks.

The sp would simply phone one of the handlers if something changed. The worst that happened was bait and switch and over shopping of the photos.

Offline gilly

I post on AW and mine are genuine in fact One regular WG wants me to go with other girls more often because my feedbacks will be questioned. So there are two sides to every story.
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