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Author Topic: Darlington Kinky Kayley formerly Roxy Black  (Read 1295 times)

Offline paul727

Anyone had any experience with her.

She used to be well up to date on AW but hasn't updated her profile for a while.

Any feedback?

Offline docbrown

Her pictures are better than she looks In my opinion , very average punt , I personally would keep the cash .

Offline 69chap

I saw her a few years ago. Average at best.

She also spent the appointment going on about how she prefers girls to guys lol
Banning reason: Fluffy telling members how to behave.

Offline kingkong

Seen her in Darlo about 4 years ago. keep your wonga for another day.  :thumbsdown:

Offline marcone

i would agree with all of the above. very poor

Offline sesalovdarlo

Been a prozzie for about 8 years I think. Seen her once after reading her aw feedback on how awesome her owo was. Booked a 15 min sesh with her and it was terrible owo. Fell for the same with Lucy lane. People raving about her bjs but it was terrible. I wasn't even sure my cock was in her mouth at times.

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