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Author Topic: Sensual Brigit - Manor House  (Read 728 times)

28 review(s) for SENSUAL BRIGIT (20 positive, 5 neutral, 3 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

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A forgettable 30 minutes.

She has already been reviewed twice, so I will keep this brief. I was made to wait 10 minutes when arriving at the general address (a large, grim estate). 

She was rather cold and went straight for a wet wipe and hand gel. Smothered a wet wipe with gel and wiped her fanny in front of me. Reverse oral now off the menu.

She then proceeded to do the same to my cock, wet wiping me to death and even getting some of the gel in my japs eye, which wasn't pleasant.

Kissing was pretty much close mouthed with some tongue. OWO was ok, but too soft for my liking (lots of stroking with her fingers and long, soft sucks etc - I suppose she is indeed 'sensual', but I would've been happier if she sucked harder or at least mixed up the pace. It was honestly putting my dick to sleep). She also performed it facing away from me, with her ass in a position where access was difficult.

Sex was pretty dull, although she did get rather wet and started to groan a bit towards the end of play. Again, 0 eye contact or engagement (wasn't touching me, or pulling me into her, or kissing my neck etc).

To sum up, I don't think she is into it. She said very little, didn't even smile except when I came through the door and exited, and she left the room at every point that we were not shagging. She did, however, do all of the services agree upon and I have had far worse. It is a neutral at best.

28 review(s) found for SENSUAL BRIGIT linked to in above post (20 positive, 5 neutral, 3 negative)

Offline bestbefore

I can completely understand JJ's neutral for Brigit.

She is one of my favourites, but only for her tantric massage/OWO/cim. In other areas she doesn't do so well.

She comes across as rather distant, unwelcoming, unresponsive, and her kissing is crap. Pecks more like. Her English is poor. The tower block she works in isnt that bad though. Ive seen worse. Certainly not risky in any way and close to Manor House tube. Comms with the girl who takes her bookings has always been good, and I have never been kept waiting.

But she has a superb body. Not so keen on the fake tits.

I dont get the antiseptic wipes any more as she knows me, but the minute she gets the massage oil on me it is a very sensual experience. She had a 6 month course of tantric massage in Hungary, and I reckon she was the star student. Her cock worship is amazing.  I saw her this week and basically had a 50 minute blow job, with her keeping me just on the edge for all that time.

In any case, she told me she is only here until next week, and then back to Hungary for two months. As far as I could tell she is not sure if she is coming back.

Offline SamLP

JJ, I had a similar experience which I mentioned in Smiths review. However, I decided to give her a second visit purely because of her OWO. The second punt was much better but similar. She is cold and shy so I took the initiative to talk, smile and joke. After the gel wipe she tried to go straight for OWO but I told her I wanted to start with some kissing and got her to lay next to me. The kissing is as you mentioned, but she opened up slowly as used some tongue, but it wasn't exactly full on FK. So kissing, fingering and stroking by her and me for about 5 minutes before she went down on me. Her oral is really slow and deep including ball sucking. I fingered her before moving her into 69. She was clean, and although she got wet from the fingering and oral she isn't responsive except during sex. Maybe she needs to work on her acting skills a bit. Anyway Brigit will continue sucking until you stop her which I eventually did. She climbed on top for a very enjoyable cowgirl ride and bent forward to kiss me throughout with the occasional (non full on) FK, before switching to doggy, she held onto the bed rails as I pounded her. The bed was in danger of breaking from all the squeaking  :D The view of her arse is a nice one and I didn't get the chance to switch to mish as I was enjoying it too much so I stayed in doggy until I popped. Timed to perfection as I had a minute left on the clock. She was a bit more open and smiling, and even seemed to enjoy it by paying me a compliment. I even got a thank you and kiss as I walked out. She is leaving for 2 months from the 20th but several go for much longer than they state.

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