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Author Topic: Sexy Babe Paris  (Read 573 times)

Offline oz1990

Has anyone had the pleasure of seeing "Sexy Babe Paris"? I'm looking at booking her and can't find anything about her on here, so just wondered if anyone had seen her?

Seems to have good feedback (looking through, it seems like she used to be known as Sacha) with a good list of services, but her pictures seem like they may be hiding something (or am I being paranoid?) - surely they don't need to be that "fuzzy"?!


I saw her a month ago she's changed her name.

The pictures are old. She's put on quite a bit of weight and she's not pretty. Apart from that she's very accommodating. Everything is covered even 'O' but she is open to most things and puts the effort in.

Hope that helps

Offline oz1990

Well that's a bit of a shame. She has put a new picture up - she kinda looks pretty in it, but I can see she looks a bit bigger than what she states/what the other pictures show.

She states on her profile she does Oral without? That sounds conflicting! Also states she does snowballing but doesn't states she does CIM!!! Even more conflicting! I'm confused as to whether I should see her now.

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