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Author Topic: Edinburgh - Lily Villan  (Read 2962 times)

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Offline Marmalade

Lily Villan
(used to be: "Lilly Villain")

Details from profile:
Dress Size: 8
Height: 5'5"
Chest Size: 34" B Natural
Age: 21yrs
Outcall only - 15mins £50, 30mins £75, 1hr £120.

Best bits: physically stunning, awesome PSE technique, lovely person, good value for money.
Worst bits: flakey as anything (even by her own admission), hard to get hold of.

Lilly's reappeared on Adultwork just recently. I'd sessioned with her only once before this. She's currently sorting out new accommodation so not doing incalls, Didn't bother me as I preferred the idea of an outcall with her. She plays in a rock band and that's her driving passion. Escorting comes second, so if she's away in her own world of electric guitars and the new sounds she's discovered, you might have to persevere. It's worth mentioning this as some guys will only consider ladies that have formal and reliable business access.

An initial contact, then a few texts and emails that didn't work (she'd forgotten to mention she was away for the weekend), and then she gets in touch to see if I still want a booking at my suggested time. Quick juggle of schedules and yes, all sorted.

I like to get on with business fairly promptly, so money sorted and wine poured we go through to the bedroom. Her body is still as physically perfect as I remember from it must be a couple of years ago. Her likes list is very specific - includes OWO, RO and CIM but no DFK (read carefully!) Lilly's accepted her opening rate of £60 which is what was advertised when she first put up her new profile. I try to time things and the photo-finish COF was first class. Most girls, even some porn stars, look as if they are just putting up with it. Whereas Lilly did all the longing looks and smiled with delicious satisfaction as I savoured the handiwork streaked across her face. I'd booked a half hour, but after cleaning up and dressing we must have chatted for another half hour, finishing the bottle of Cava while we talked about rock music, the creative process, and her new guitar. "I suppose I ought to get moving then," she said almost reluctantly as she checked the bottom of the glass and I wished I'd had an extra bottle to hand.

My only disappointment so far has been that, on both occasions when I've seen lilly, I've been slightly too knackered to chase her round the walls of the bedroom and swing her from the chandeliers. I also had terrible wind for some reason and we laughed as I suggested turning the music up! One of these days I'll get hold of Ms Villan when everything is beautifully planned . . . Memorable. First class.

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Offline Cactus

I'm still trying my best to tie Lily down to a booking but getting hold of her is absolute murder! I did get a text a couple of weeks ago asking if I still wanted a booking, but as I don't actually live in Edinburgh I wasn't able to see her.  Glad you have managed to get hold of her and get her round for a booking....lucky fucker  :cool:
If she's half as good as she used to be then she's well worth the effort to get hold of her.
I play in bands too and have bumped into Lily at gigs a couple of times, so usually enjoy the chat at the end of the booking about music, guitar gear (we once lined up a punt for a mixing desk deal), gigs and just general patter almost as much as the punt itself!
I think I'm going to see Abbie tomorrow at Dundas Street (never been before) and got a text from her tonight saying she was with Lily...told her to pass on my number and get her to give me a phone, hopefully I shall hear from her soon.

She looks awesome would love to find someone similar here, that's one thing I have never been able to find in my punting career a rock/goth/punk type chick, but without the flakiness regarding bookings of course.

Offline dayton123

Saw her listed as being down in London this weekend as a one off.

Stated that I would not request services not offered ie no interest in bareback, etc. Told her she was welcome to read my feedback / field reports.

Emailed, got positive replies, we texted both ways, I made a booking on AW.

Due to meet at 4pm today at her supposed incall location, booking was still unread.

Texted 12.30 pm that I needed confirmation and details of her nearest station about 90 mins in advance.

Since then nothing.

She seems genuine, but for those keen to see her, perhaps bear this in mind, lest you be let down at the last minute.

Offline dayton123

As a follow up to this, she contacted me to apologise.

Her prev. booking apparently included a 'gang bang', and she wasn't up to any further bookings.

In a way it was perhaps better than her giving a half hearted service, and she does seem to be genuine.

I am fairly sure  I came across this girl, about 5 years ago in the new town sauna.She was studying music, I heartily endorse her, although she was not then a sexual expert, not that that bothers me, it was a very sexual encounter. She looks like the sort of girl you see working or hanging out in a record shop. I sensed that she would nt last long in  a parlour, and she was gone in a week. She is pretty, amusing, and you can have a conversation with her. Just shows that some girls will resurface, anyone know what happened to Holly the young scottish girl in Blair st about four years back?

Offline jockyw

Lilly, good punt but a complete scatter brain in my opinion.

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