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Author Topic: Xx Cute Claire 18 xX Salisbury  (Read 3744 times)

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Offline nigel4498

Have had Claire on my hotlist for over a year and saw that she is relocating at the end of November so got myself down to Salisbury before she moves elsewhere.


Communications were good, always by phone and on the day.
One hour £100.
As I have stated before my tastes are vanilla. I knew Claire doesn't kiss and I prefer OW and no RO.
Location is a quiet street in Central Salisbury, terraced house not overlooked and completely safe.
Greeted by Claire who was dressed in skimpy black undies, knee high black stockings and fuck me heels which she kept on the whole punt.
The house was a bit chaotic with bags, sacks and boxes everywhere as she is moving soon. Led up stairs to a small bedroom with double bed, had a heater going and also has an air con unit in the room, must have been handy in the summer. Gave Claire the money but she just dropped it on a unit top without bothering to count it.
I stripped and got on the bed and started to play with her tits, licking and sucking her nipples, lovely little nipples that soon were erect. Claire stroked my cock and massaged my balls as I went to rub her clit, no fingering though. Asked for the condom which she applied with her mouth, always sexy that.
Pulled her to the edge of the bed as I stood and entered her pussy, have to say it was the tightest pussy I have ever fucked. Claire is a size six with lovely long legs that she wrapped round my neck and shoulders as I fucked her, nice steady rhythm as I then spread her legs wide and rubbed her clit as I fucked her, shot my load as I bent forward to suck her tits.
Had a massage and a chat in my recovery time and then onto round two.
Again more tit play as she handled my balls and cock to hardness then on with the condom, again applied by mouth for OW, good technique and plenty of eye contact with not much use of her hand.
Soon rock hard again and Claire slid down my cock for cowgirl, lovely as I fondled and sucked her tits, next reverse cowgirl and had to really hold back from shooting my load here, fantastic slim waist and bum, got into a nice rhythm as she rocked back and forth, again had to stop as I really wanted to fuck her doggy. Claire on all fours, what a sight, fuck me heels still on as I was guided into that tight pussy.
Real massive turn on fucking her doggy, I don't know if it is because Claire is so petite but my cock looked huge as it slid in and out her pussy, needless to say I soon shot my load for a second time.
Cleaned up and chatted as I dressed. All in all a very nice hour with a very sexy young woman.

Pros.  Good comms, safe location. Slim fit toned body, nice pert tits and what has to be the tightest pussy I have ever fucked. Friendly and chatty so the session flowed nicely.

Cons.  None for me but guys who like DFK, FK and fingering will be disappointed.

If Claire was in my manor I would have her as a regular as she provides the services that suit me.

1 review(s) found for xX CC Xx linked to in above post (1 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline James999

Her profile is seriously filled with loads of Bollocks, going on about reading her profile, does she not realise that the endless use of caps, bold & ????????? makes it difficlut and boring to read, it's as if she's retarded and learns new words, functions and eclamation marks and just adds them to her profile  :wacko:

Offline sam55

She's just appeared in Telford - sounds like I'll have to give her a go  :P

Offline nigel4498

She's just appeared in Telford - sounds like I'll have to give her a go  :P
Yes she has moved on to Telford. She was on my hotlist for ages and when I saw she was moving I had to nip in smartly.
You won't be disappointed, she is a great tight fuck.

Offline ash1980

great lass saw her this week polite and great figure, tiny figure,  i was fragile with her in case i broke something, next punt will go like a steam engine,, worth a punt, will visit again :wacko:
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Offline nigel4498

she is very petite bit can take a pounding, my cock looked huge as I shafted her doggy.
Pity she moved  but at least I got to see her before she left Salisbury.

Offline ash1980

Anyone seen her as shes gone of the radar again on aw,    was in Telford last time i saw her
Banning reason: Falsely reporting email as spam

Offline nigel4498

Her profile has disappeared but when I saw her last she did mention she might move to Weston Super Mare.
So hopefully she may reappear there.

Offline JV547845

That'll be fantastic if she does move to WSM :)

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