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Author Topic: some of my best punts at bss  (Read 633 times)

Offline tojosmith

h i every one i have had lots of good punts at bss i think a lot of you out there will know the 2 names...punt 1 her name was carmen polish/german girl new her for few years slim long blonde hair big boobs very pritty very good in the.room offered a great service she was one of my fav. girl punt no 2  scottish girl from glasgow josie her name was about 5.1 in height nice person dark hair very nice body service in the room would give her 10/10 she could buck like a rabbit i liked her boobs had very big nipples and a very nice. bum . punt 3 was a stunner long curly blonde hair  very nice person great looking body she was great in the room best parts bum and boobs better if i dont say her name. ..........
Banning reason: Touting by PM

This would be a pointless post on even a dedicated board for Blair Street Sauna (for those who were wondering).

It would be yet more so on an Edinburgh board and more so again on the Scottish board. But it's off the scale of pointlessness on the UK board.

I've read a lot of rubbish on here but........

Offline Tjkooker

Scottish saunas seem to attract these pointless nostalgia posts.
Banning reason: Outing and trolling a punter because he posted a negative about his favourite prossie. White-knight fluffy that pretends otherwise.

Scottish saunas seem to attract these pointless nostalgia posts.

Perhaps a sad reflection on just how shite the Edinburgh scene has been for the past five years or so.
Nostalgia aint what it used to be.

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