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Author Topic: A new scam?  (Read 712 times)

Offline Andre 3000

So I was going through my AW emails clearing them out and I saw this unread message from 3 days ago in regards to an RB I had going. Seems like a copy and paste that she's probably sent to a few people, so has anyone else had one of these messages? Thought I'd post it on here just in case some wally falls for it and signs up.

I am sure you will have seen the headlines on Monday informing us that Appeal Judges have overturned Brennan’s murder charge, but in case you don’t know Michael Brennan a 24 year old gay escort from Chelmsford brutally killed his client Paul Simons, 54, at his home in Essex.

As a part time escort safety is naturally a major concern and many of us have the pre-conception that it’s the escort at risk, a conception that of course cannot be underestimated with the recent 2 separate high profile murders of independent escorts. Like most people I entered this “career” and I use the term “career “ lightly for some extra cash and alot of no strings attached fun!

Concerned for my safety and that of my fellow working girls, my friend and I set up a system to protect the safety and just as important, the confidentiality of fellow escorts with a view to protecting their lifestyle from family and partners. This has proved very successful as you can imagine and we are now ready to roll out a similar service tweaked for guys like yourself because we totally understand the importance of discretion and the need to protect your families when partaking in this high risk activity.

We offer 2 main services both designed to protect your privacy and protect you from being found out by your loved ones whether that be your wife, partner or children.

First, we offer a booking service, where we can book your hotel or facility using our credit card and address so you can keep your anonymity to nosey hotel staff. We can even book/liaise with your escort should this something you may need from time to time.

Second, in the event the worse happens and your wife, partner or boss suspects you are up to no good, we can provide you with an “alibi” service fitting to the predicament you may find yourself in no matter when, where or what that maybe.

In addition, we can provide background checks on any potential escort, as we all know how easy it is for a girl to create a ‘fake’ a review or lie about their age.

If this is something you are interested in then please do not hesitate to contact us. Access to these services is from as little as £49 per annum. If you’ve ever found yourself in a compromising position then you’ll know protecting your marriage, family and job is priceless and can be a lot more costly to you than £49! Email me now for more info and how to sign up.

This is the profile who sent it.


Offline James999

Report it to AW for spamming, they will likely delete the account (and pocket the credits)  :hi:

Offline sushi

Strange that shes been on AW for 3 1/2 years yet has no reviews on UKP.

Offline Dani

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How on earth will they do back ground checks on escorts considering none of us use our real names?  As for liasing with escorts for you this also wont happen as not only do you need to speak to the escort to gauge her attitude she will need to speak to you to do the same

Basically they are saying don't trust visiting an escort with our service but trust us with all your details including credit card (after all how else will you pay them to book a hotel for you.  I am sure they also will charge for their services and for arranging an alibi as punters are obviously too stupid to think of one themselves.

Just sounds like a huge con to me and I (I have spoke to a few girls in past half hour) and none of my friends have heard of this service they supposedly offer to us either.

Sounds like it is just another way to try and get money from punters

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