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Author Topic: Hotel overnights  (Read 833 times)

Hi Gents
I wonder if some of the rather more experienced punters than me & that's not difficult, I have been punting for about two years but only every couple of months. As a result and the fact that I 'take my time' after the 1st pop, I like to go for longer (2,3 or 4 hour) bookings. I now really an overnight with dinner & drinks beforehand. I can't accommodate so am looking in to a hotel for the night.
My questions are how about security for us both as there will obviously be sleep involved (I'll need it for sure!). I'll need a credit card at least to pay for the dinner, drinks & hotel. The room may well have a safe but it feels a bit rich to lock my stuff away & not hers! Are there any other pitfalls that you can advise me about?
Thanks in advance guys

Offline Jackjones

Lets face it you really only need three valuables and two of them are an easy sort.

Good Phone ---> cheap old crap phone
Creditcard ---> pre paycard Info
Car Keys ----> .... Lets face it she's not going to be that retarded.

Leave anything else of worth at home.

Thanks JJ - esp good idea on the credit card

... and the fact that I 'take my time' after the 1st pop,
I would go for the first pop before dinner. Did that recently on an overnight and it worked a treat. I was absolutely ready again when we got to the dessert ...

Yes - a little 'get to know you' before some dinner sounds like a plan! Thanks!  :D

Online raylondoner

Try to get a room with a bath and take some decent bath salts (I always get mine from Lush).  :dance:

Good call Ray, yes a nice big bath if I can find one that'll fit two and a fab big squishy bed  :cool:

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