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Author Topic: Too many punters - not enough girls?  (Read 1993 times)

Offline Jacob

I usually drop an Adultwork Pro$$ie an email initially. If I get a decent and positive response I'll book, if not I move on. To my mind a one liner, for example "call  me hun xx", when I've asked something specific (there is always something) is a not so good indicator and a bad sign. I will always speak to the girl before leaving for any Punt and have at least the postcode before setting off. This works for me and I'm usually happy with the outcome. If a girl can be bothered to take time to deal with a bit of correspondence she is more likely to be bothered full stop IMO.

It of course depends on when she's working or logs in so a bit of advance planning may be best though it's worked fine for same day as well.

As for the initial question, maybe as the same names sometimes crop up in the Feedback for those I see. On that, it is sometimes worth going through Punters feedback as you might find another Pro$$ie that might take your fancy.

Offline Melb

Marmalade, you sound like an HR consultant. In fact I think you gave a course that was on recently.

Just kidding, good post mate.
On balance, however, I will stick to phone numbers only.

Hearing a woman's voice is indispensable.

I remember seeing one wannabe "courtesan", in looks and attributes, she seemed like a courtesan.

And then she spoke - it was pure Southend.

I fled.


Southend who was that

Offline Montydog

I know how the OP feels, had the time and the money  this week (a rare combination these days) and as my favourite stand-by reliable is not available and only does outcalls (can’t run to a nice hotel as well) I’ve tried to book off AW. 3 emails (not read) and 5 phone calls either “rejected” or voice mail not replied to I had started to give up. Then tonight I get a call full of apologies from a fairly new girl on there who said she had taken my number but had forgotten to ring me back she blamed it on having her hair dyed blond in the meantime :D. I liked her sense of humour and after a nice chat, services double checked and some agreed to, with out and out enthusiasm, seems like I’m in for a very nice couple of hours this weekend. But then again it could all  turn to s**t. :scare:

Offline Mr XL

Are there too many of us chasing a small number of girls?
You'd think so from the response that I get from trying to book a girl.

Quite recently, I emailed 4 girls to make a booking - carefully following their rules.
No response from any of them. Checked later and found my mails were unread or deleted.
This has happened to me several times. AW Bookings has had the same result. Ditto with Texting / leaving messages (again according to their instructions).

Don't think I will bother emailing / booking any more and just stick to the telephone.
Maybe they get loads of emails from timewasters? If so, these guys annoy the girls who take it out on us.

I think you have just been unlucky.

I don't punt that often and because of that don't have the need to try new girls or those without an established reputation. Most of the latter respond efficiently.....some even will pm you with a little hook to see what kind of response they will get if they are posters on the various forums.

Having said that I go for the more mature end of the market.

If I were to go for the younger girls I would avoid those who are on AW and nowhere else with little or no feedback. Just seems too much bother to me.

I've never felt the market devoid of providers.............it just has too many providers who are there in name only.

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