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Author Topic: Sexymimi18  (Read 1393 times)

27 review(s) for SexyMimi19 (17 positive, 5 neutral, 5 negative) [Indexed by Admin]


  Time for the first of a backlog of reviews. This one is actually from the end of last year and my first punting experience.

I haven't found anything about old reviews in the rules, and although they may be of limited value as service providers change (for better or worse!) over time, as a previous lurker I've found it useful to see the past reviews of fellow members to evaluate if their previous reviews match my taste and judge their more recent reviews accordingly.

Also, please let me know any critical feedback on the review, the purpose of me posting reviews it to 'pay something back' to the forums that have helped me choose and have been an invaluable guide to me and I would like these reviews to be as genuinely helpful and informative to others.

onwards.... https://www.adultwork.com/ViewProfile.asp?UserID=2229143


The meet for 1.5 hours was arranged via E-mail and text, responses were polite, friendly, simple, and appropriate, time and services were discussed as well as full location details and phone number given. This included several phone calls which were picked up in good-time to direct me in after landing in the area as I often tend to get lost and flustered.


Travelled there via tube to Northolt (a fair way out of the way for me and at least a 45 minute journey each way), hang a right out of the station exit and walk for about 5-10 minutes. The street can be seen from the flat and thought I saw her or one of her housemates on the lookout as arrived, felt a bit open and I felt somewhat paranoid (being my first punt), and walked up down the street behind the shops until it was the allotted time, I called and was told to call back in 5 minutes, this was answered and I was beckoned to call in at the location.

 Flat was located above a group of shops and confusing to find the entrance which was behind the shops and up some grim looking stairs and flats to the (if I remember correctly) first floor.

Knocked on the door and Mimi answered in a long T-shirt and panties, I was let in quickly.

The Girl

Mimi did not appear to have made any effort, however I did not ask her to dress-up; in a long T-shirt and panties she looked very cute, 5'3 - 5'4 at a guess. She was very petite and to my eyes very cute looking. A very cute face which some may rate a 7 but I would rate an 8, kind of mousey looking with pursed lips and doe eyes.

Skipping ahead to the meet and I found her body absolutely stunning! Firm breasts on a petite but slim frame is my ideal and she looked absolutely flawless, C cup on a small frame made them seem quite big relative to her body, very much like the pictures on her profile page, I could not find any fault and she was truly like for like with both her public and private gallery pics. Firm small posterior and slim toned tummy, just perfect. I had no problem thinking Mimi was the quoted age on her profile.

The Meet

Once in I was ushered into the bedroom, extremely sparse, but functional with a working bed, it seemed clean and somehow less skanky looking than the building exterior would suggest, however there was a bin in the corner full of used condoms and tissues that some may find offputting. A shower was not offered however I did shower before making the journey over, water was offered which she brought as I thought I may need it later. I could hear sounds from another room which having read other reviews since was likely a working flatmate which did put me off being so nervous at the time, but muffled and could not really hear much, but the sound was present.

 The paperwork was duly dealt with, Mimi disappeared for 2 minutes while I shuffled nervously around. She came back in and I asked how we should proceed, the answer was 'You see a nice girl like this, what do you do?', taking no further encouragement I went over to lift off her T-shirt and was amazed by how gorgeous her body was, we lightly kissed (lips only), for a minute and moved onto the bed where she lightly helped me undress.

We moved onto OWO although OW was offered and declined. The OWO was quite light and sensual but probably not one for BJ aficionados. We moved onto 69 where I had a fantastic view of Mimi's little tight ass and felt myself getting rather excited, light fingering of her was permitted and partaken in, it was then on with the mac and into missionary where I feasted on the view of her with more kissing, slightly deeper this time however not what would be called DFK, some tongue play but some of that slightly annoying tongue swirling, but not as annoying as the technique employed by Sexy Tayla (another review to follow later). Mimi was quite tight so felt I needed to ease in gently. I didn't last too long and that was the end of round 1.

We had a bit of a chat about the usual things and she was very friendly, I'm very much the cuddly, fluffy, affectionate type so we spent some time cuddling and laying in each others arms while we had a chat. English was passable and we could have a conversation but nothing too complex.

Round 2 began with more oral then onto doggy, the sight of Mimi's backside was something to behold and she was very tight, she seemed to get into it and pushed her ass up for me to penetrate deeper.

Once done we curled up together again and chatted for a little while, but conversation wasn't exactly sparkling (I never know what to say and the responses were a bit difficult due to slight language barrier), I got dressed and was seen out of the door before the 1.5 hours was up (this was my own choice), however there was an 'air' of time coming towards the end from Mimi and didn't seem too upset to see me leave before full-time.


The sex was very 'sweet' and cuddly, definitely a GFE experience and nowhere near a PSE. Which was what I was looking for, Mimi was quite passive, but nowhere near as passive as Sweet&Kinky Nicole (review to follow later). Pretty much everything was initiated or asked for by me but Mimi complied in every sense without fuss or question. Very vanilla indeed, which suited me as I was very very nervous with both the location \ environment and the situation.


- Breathtakingly gorgeous body, definitely the girl profile pictures, no Photoshop necessary.
- Very cute face
- All requested catered for
- Sweet and cuddly


- Very vanilla and not to everyone's taste, her profile now may suggest she offers more than this now.
- Quite passive but maybe appropriate to the punter and the punt.


- In the middle of nowhere for me and a long journey each way, not easy to go back on a whim.
- Skanky looking building and feeling quite exposed.
- Seeming lack of effort on Mimi's part in dressing up in anyway.
- No DFK which is a must for me, not sure about service now.


Possibly not the best to go for a first punt as I would recommend seeing a girl that is a bit more lively and experienced at putting someone at ease. Definitely a good punt but 1.5 hours was too long and I left early. Absolutely STUNNING body, cute, and petite. Very tempted to go back but a long journey and various neutral to negative reviews of those that work or have worked in that flat makes me worry if it would be worthwhile.

I would go back, even if on looks alone. I put her in the same league as Sweet&Kinky Nicole for looks and service, however service was much better from Mimi and looks are a lot more raunchy than innocent in comparison to the above.

27 review(s) found for SexyMimi19 linked to in above post (17 positive, 5 neutral, 5 negative)

Offline monstar

She definitely is cute but too far away for me and like you, DFK is a must.

All the important components of a good review well detailed so a great first review in my opinion SK, keep 'em coming!  :thumbsup:

Did you pay her current rates? As you asked for feedback; I would always include the price you paid in the review so others then know if her rates change at a later date.

PS did she play you a tune on the piano?  :D

She definitely is cute but too far away for me and like you, DFK is a must.

All the important components of a good review well detailed so a great first review in my opinion SK, keep 'em coming!  :thumbsup:

Did you pay her current rates? As you asked for feedback; I would always include the price you paid in the review so others then know if her rates change at a later date.

PS did she play you a tune on the piano?  :D

Hi Monstar!

 Thanks for the feedback! I've read a few of your reviews as well and your style amongst others is the best that I have tried to shamelessly copy as I feel it provides the best breakdown of what other members and lurkers are looking for to get valuable information. I also like a fair few of your comments as you seem to be a very straight forward non-bullshitting type from what I can tell over the interwebs!

I have indeed missed out the rates and will correct that with my next couple of reviews, I just wanted to get a couple out there as to contribute like I promised in the few comments I've made on these boards. I hate it when people say something and you don't have a frame of reference from their past listed reviews.

To answer price paid was £140 for the hour, Mimi appears to have kept the same rates since she has started, I feel if she was to move out on her own to a more central location and out of that god-forsaken flat in Northolt she shares with other girls with (at best), mixed reviews, she would do very well for herself! I'm very tempted to go back and see if her service has improved since the end of last year. I am a bit pissed off though after reading Smiths 'no show' review recently as I think she is a great girl but really needs to up her game.

I didn't see a piano! I'll have to see if she'll play me 'The Entertainer' naked!;)

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