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Author Topic: NaughtyNorthernEscorts - NNE Girls  (Read 1137 times)

Offline Borofan

NNE are the only agency in my area, and Ruby is the only girl I've seen (didn't go that well, see my review).

Anyway, I would like opinions of which of the girls that work in Teesside/Hartlepool area for NNE are the best looking and
the best at what they do (to put it nicely).

Also, it would of benefit to me if any of the girls are good at message, and which are non-smokers.

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Saw Georgia in hpool last night.
Stunning. Probably in a different class to most of the girls in this site.
Rosie looks hot too

Offline sentinel

I saw Freya on one of her visits to Tyneside and she was very nice, both in looks and service. She won't do OWO but if you're happy to have OW then she will be fine.
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Freya did OWO with me...

As for a recommendation, see my review of Bella. Unfortunately she is a smoker, but although that would usually put me off everything else more than made up for it.
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Offline docbrown

Saw Georgia in Darlo , she's a stunner but see my review,
Among my favourites are Sara ,Kate and Sasha , Francesca is propery dirty but is a bit older than the others .
I my humble opinion you can't beat Sara with Kate a second . Now a duo with those two !!!!!!

Online OscarC

When you say Sara, I presume you mean Sarah? Seen a her few times, she is good but I stopped seeing her last year as I felt the appointments were becoming a but mechanical/conveyor belt. She couldn't even remember my name over the course of a 30min appointment & 5 visits.

Also seen Sasha twice, but not for about a year now. Also Freya but I don't think we quite hit it off, so never repeated. Francesca I founnd was too old & the performance was very staged/mechanical. I wouldn't go back.

Recently seen Bella - very good & will probably go back for a repeat visit.

Other than that the only other girl that catches my eye is Victoria. http://www.naughtynorthernescorts.co.uk/victoria-newcastle-escort.html  Anyone seen her? She seems do be doing incalls in Newcastle now, having previously only done outcalls.

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Aimee at ENE now at adore is stunning.
Best looking girl about I would say.

How is Bella compared to Georgia in looks department?

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