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Author Topic: Worcester newbe reviewed a couple of months ago  (Read 848 times)

Offline Dodo

Can anyone recall a review of a new inexperienced girl who I think was either in worcester or south Birmingham area. I recall the reviewer was really taken by her attitude and cheap rates... Sounded a good one but cannot for the life of me remember who it was.
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Offline Murphy54

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Offline Dodo

Think your after this report by Normski.
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Thanks Murphy....that is the post I was after......would never have found it. Yes, I remember now that the prob was she only does out calls. Has anyone else paid a visit I wonder??
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Offline Stapler

Asp. You are in this thread as AB!

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Offline normski

I've just sent Lisa another email, asking if she's still available for massages or packed it in as her ad has vanished. Last time I saw Lisa she did mention that she has a 'regular' job, so I'm wondering if this restricted her 'hours available'. Will keep you posted if I get a reply.

Offline Kermit007

If that girl really is worcester or south brum I would also like the details please as I may try her out next week. I am liking soni at the moment as i really like her manner and massage but at those prices would be mad not to try.

Offline Dodo

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Offline normski

Lisa replyed back this morning. It's as I thought, she's now working full time in her 'normal job' and stopped her somewhat brief stint at massaging...anyone who saw her will be wishing she has a change of mind/career path.

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