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Author Topic: Your punting rules  (Read 1923 times)

Punting rules OK!

The very point of punting is no rules.

If it turns out that she has a cock, I walk.

Offline YoungBrum

If I like the look of her profile, I'll not make initial contact if:

1) She has hidden feedback
2) Has a negative review here without a positive one

If I've contacted her, I'll stop communications if:

1) She tells me she doesn't meet younger black guys
2) She logs in but doesn't read my message
3) She reads my message and deletes it
4) I can't understand her. This is a new rule, as I spoke to a WG with a heavy accent over the phone and travelled an hour to meet her. When I got there I phoned her about 10 times before giving up. To this day I'm not sure what she said.

If I'm at her door/before I pay up, I'll leave if:

1) She's not the person in the pictures. I also check if she has a verification photo and/or videos
2) She doesn't look happy to see me. I know she's not opening the door to the love of her life but if you can't manage a smile, you're in the wrong game
3) She tries to fuck around with the money

If she has a negative feedback on AW, I read her response then look at the person who left it's feedback to see if they have or have given a lot of negative feedback.

Offline superchamp

Rule number one, and it applies to everything in life, is don't get caught!!!

My other rule is don't believe any AW feedback - most of it is straight out of Jackanory. Just checked a London WG with an AW feedback of 19 and yet no UKP review to match. I find that very difficult to believe.

If it turns out that she has a cock, I walk.
+1 and I would even run, but it never happened so far

Offline Andre 3000

I wouldn't say I have rules just certain things that haven't failed me yet.

* I like to see a face pic. A refusal to send one already means were off to a bad start and I'll be going elsewhere. If punting has taught me one thing 
   A good looking body doesn't necessarily mean an attractive face. Face pics have saved me more than once.

* I don't message and punt on the same day, no time to check a WG's general attitude. Rushing leads to regret.

* I'm not expecting a constant back and forth of messages, but a sense of humour about the absurdity of the situation is always welcome.

* No mention of FK or OWO on a WG's likes list are red flags that you're not going to have a good time.

Reading some of these is making me think a little better. I mean, I have a set, mostly about not getting caught, but I do like the fact that some of you guys will just walk away. I've never really had the nerve to do that, I think I'm too polite, lol, but I should learn to do that.

Also, my thought process is 'If I want to see THAT girl, I want to see her, no matter what!', but that's wrong. Sure, one girl might be good looking and do everything I'm after, but there are more girls out there. I have to get out of the mind set of 'it's her or nothing'.

For me contact through email or a message system.
Check photos on the internet if they are used somewhere else.
Confirm OWO and CIM service.
Check if she has no issue meeting with a black guy.

For the rest I just try to make sure we both enjoy it.

Offline Quesadilla

Rules are made to be broken.
1) No face pic = no meet. Broken it twice, once was :vomit: the other time was my best punt to date with the wonderful MissKDD.
2) Little or no AW feedback + no UKP feedback = no meet.  Broken with Emmie X (aka Ruby Tuesday on here) who only had 3 positive feedback on AW when I booked her and nothing here but she does post on here so I kind of got a feel for her.  Meeting her Friday so jury's still out on whether breaking this rule was a good plan! :)
3) Any reviews stating mechanical / robotic / unemotional / uninterested = no meet.  I do have a few on my HL who have had these types of reviews and they sometimes bubble up to near the top of my list but just a hint of this is usually enough to keep me away.  However, have a booking next week and a member here PM'd me to tell me about his bad experience with her clearly trying to get things over and done with quickly and clearly faking enthusiasm - will have to wait and see I guess.
4) No OWO/CIM = no meet.  Have met one girl who didn't allow CIM - Larissa Naughty - but she was worth it and I enjoyed myself enough that I went back a second time.

So really I have no hard and fast rules, I have had some awesome experiences just playing it by ear / feel and only really two experiences that I actually regret but which I learnt from.
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