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Author Topic: Second chances  (Read 586 times)

Offline SamLP

Would you give a girl a second chance if the first was a negative? After reading several negatives over the past week, especially of some girls who seem to attract positive and negative reviews I was intrigued by the concept. Personally I've seen around 6 girls who had previously let me down with either a B&S or the can you wait another 30 minutes scam or just didn't bother answering her phone on arrival. Granted I only returned after plans A. B, C & D failed so I essentially had nothing to lose in giving them another chance. I ended up having good punts, except for one which was a neutral/negative. I would draw the line at going back to someone who had offered me a bad or neutral service previously or someone who had lied about their services and I had walked.

Offline Sedlmayer

Each to their own - some members here seem quite easy going, whilst others seem a bit draconian in what they will and won't accept.

Personally, if I get a neutral or negative service, that particular girl's history so far as I'm concerned. I've been lucky in the last 6 months or so, and the worst I've had was a neutral, but that could change at any time, of course. It's called punting for a reason, although careful research helps of course.

What I personally won't tolerate under any circumstances is when a confirmed booking is bumped because the girl has obviously had a better offer. Blacklisted and I will name and shame on here. Again, luckily this has only happened once in the last 6 months or so. Stacey Nice Summer - blatant.

Offline SamLP

Fair enough, I think most punters would probably do the same. The ones I gave a second chance were either girls I had seen before and had a good punt or those who I hadn't seen so the mystery of the punt still existed. However, I bumped them into the last plan saloon when I was unable to secure a punt with my other choices. Would never return to someone who I had seen and considered it a negative experience.

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