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Author Topic: Fetish - Long Skinny Legs and Long Feet - Any London Recommends?  (Read 553 times)

I have a fetish for tall skinny women with long legs and long feet. Have any of you guys (or WGs) come across or know of any WGs who have these attributes? I would love for any recommends in London if you have.

Thanks in advance.

This is the sort of thing I'm looking for:


Oops . . . this should probably go in regional London - sorry, don't know how to move.  :scare:

Katie at HoD/Anabellas-MK looks like this. very thin... very bony, you could basically grab her by her pelvic bone from behind ..has tats..

Just checked her out. Very nice. When she does at stint at HOD2, I will go for it! Thanks for the recommend.

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