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Author Topic: X DELICIOUS SLUT XX - blowjob with a tongue piercing  (Read 1391 times)

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So there weren't many reviews on Olivia the last time I looked, when I was researching her, so I thought I'd add something for you guys. So this was a punt fairly recently.

She is based out of a Heathrow chain hotel. Novel experience for me but it worked out fine. Comms were relatively straightforward by text. Some time lag but not overly excessive. She is a polish ('says') 29ish year old girl with very good english. She has been fairly well assimilated into Britain and seems to do well outside of her clandestine activities. Which apparently is something she does mainly for her own enjoyment.

So I pull up at the hotel and parking is a bit odd because you have to register your car with the hotel reception if you park there. And there was no way I was speaking to reception, so I pulled out around the back of the hotel and it being a weekend all the roadside parking was taken. But there is a bowling alley with carpark right next door to the hotel. It is gated and operated by a token obtained from the bowling alley inside. Sounds slightly complicated but it turned out to be very easy. Texted and started heading over. However was held up in the lobby for a few minutes because the housekeepers were doing the rounds. Just my luck right... Anyway the lounge is huge, and full of people, so it wasn't an issue. I just fitted in and looked like I was waiting for my mates to come down and meet me.

Finally got the the greenlight and got in the lift. Knocked on the door and was quickly pulled into the fairly compact room. So to answer the previous queries about how stunning Olivia is. She is about a 6/10. She is tall but it is doubtful that she is a size 8 anymore. Although she still looked good in the short dress that she wore for me as requested. Very smooth skin and a few tats here and there. She wears a wig which I suppose is because she is subconscious about her own hair. She wore it for half the meet but then I told her to get rid of it because it was starting to look a bit ridiculous. So she went into the bathroom and came back out and she has got a short shaggy cut of blonde hair. I actually preferred it as I could see her giving me a blowjob.

Anyway we are skipping ahead. We started with some kissing, which she obviously likes. Lots and lots of tongue available and she has a tongue piercing. Next thing I know I am on the bed and she is going down on my cock. It is not the mind blowing blowjob advertised but it is OWO and was actually more than adequate, but there was definitely not deepthroat. Now this isn't unusual as even though my cock is only slightly bigger than average, it is quite significantly thick and in my experience so far ALL girls have a problem with getting it down their throats. So perhaps others may have faired better with her. But on a side note if anyone has discovered the heather Graham of deepthroaters out there in the punting world please let me know, because I feel my quest for a proper deepthroat is never going to be satisfied.

So next, on with the johnny and I popped my knob inside her. She was surprisingly tight and not a bad shag. She was going wild, pulling faces and all sorts of shit. Maybe it is part of her whole act but it seemed like she was very much enjoying herself. No lube was required ever. Anyway after a while I span her around for some doggy and at this point she started really getting vocal. I thought the neighbours would be knocking on the door any minute. lol. This girl was wild, it made me chuckle a bit. So I told her I wanted her to suck my cock a bit more before I came. At which point she came out with "yes come all over my tits". What actually happened was she gobbled my cock a bit more and then I wanked into her tits and then she shoved her mouth next to my cock and took some of it on her face and mouth. So I rubbed it in just for good measure. We had a little laugh and she told me I was filthy. I was pretty chuffed with how things turned out.

Finished off with a good shower, and she has plenty of clean hotel towels which was a plus. We had a little chat whilst getting dressed and she was definitely not clock watching. It genuinely seems like this girl just likes a good fuck.

She is not a looker but she makes up for it with effort.

Happy Punting

2 review(s) found for X DELICIOUS SLUT XX linked to in above post (2 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

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