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Author Topic: Carly  (Read 1364 times)

Yep. I've seen her twice in the last year and would gladly see her again. She's definitely the girl in the pics and is a right saucy minx. She bought out a butt plug and a vibrator to play with and did A-Level.

She was a spectacular WG. She's based in Chelsea, between Fulham Road and Kings Road, and she's actually got a South African accent. I met her and she had a glass of red wine waiting for me, and was as great a conversationalist as she was a lay. Highly recommended. I did £350 for each punt with a-level both times.

Previously she worked with Bijoux Escorts.

Out of interest, how do you rate Bijoux? I have never hired from them as yet.

Both times I spoke to Vicky I think it was, she was very useful, even at short notice (less than 2 hours before the punt). The experience was well communicated, and of course I ended up with Carly who was bloody blinding. I've not tried any of the other girls, but it was definitely a positive experience on both occasions.

As it goes, I did a bit of searching on them on here and it seems that they have quite mixed reviews. I was quite surprised, but as I said I did both punts with Carly in since last March, so maybe they've upped their game.

Carly is no longer on there it seems, at least she disappeared about a month ago. I'm glad I've found a new link for her though, would love to see her again.

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